Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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January 15, 2023 - 7 min read

7 Growth Secrets To Scale Your YouTube Channel

Hey I’m Jaskaran, I have worked with some of the best YouTube Creators and YouTube Analytics companies like VidIQ and agencies to help businesses scale their business.

I will share my whole process from getting on average less than 5k Views on their YouTube videos to landing more than 10k-20k views per day on my clients channels. These YouTube Tips and growth tactics apply to all niches to scale their community and build a YouTube brand.

1. How Algorithm Chooses Content to Show new Audiences

Youtube Algorithm’s most important Job is to pick up a piece of content that appeals to a broad audience and it can keep a large amount of audience hooked for a particular amount of time.

The algorithm is getting 1000s of new content pieces every minute. A lot of people share a false propaganda that algorithm doesn’t push content because they want more people to use Ads. But the reality is you need to understand size of your niche and your content scope in the beginning to a Make sure the Algorithm pushes it to a wider audience from start.

That’s why keep your content Centered toward bigger audience and latest YouTube trends to have better chance of YouTube picking your latest content and recommending it.

2. Segmenting Your Content For 3 Type of Viewers

You need to target different set of keywords with your content to reach three different type of viewerships. You have optimize your videos for YouTube SEO and it’s not just putting keywords in your video Descriptions.

First approach should be targeting questions and keywords searched by most beginners and new audiences to your niche. In practice, Graham Stephan is talking about A strategy on how to grow your stock portfolio during recession. He will segment that part of the video under the big idea of “what to do during recession” which will lead him to a bigger audience asking a simpler question with a strong appeal.

Targeting these Broad Keywords with descriptions and Titles is one of the key thing.

2. Build up another set of keywords to target audience that’s already curious about Your niche. You should align those keywords or segments during the middle of the video because you will start by serving a beginner with your content in starting and if its a curious amateur. You retain him in the middle of your video with questions in talks or trends occurring in the industry.

I always segment the middle part for an amateur audience searching trending queries because they are active in the niche. This helps in attracting audience from YouTube & Google Search as these are latest queries with a growth in search trend. That’s why target amateur keywords in your niche.

3. Targeting Keywords with low-search for better conversions. Small search queries about a topic leads to easier conversions from viewer to subscribers but the content appeal is too small. But building a set of keywords with low search volume is necessary and helps you to build a Product friendly audience. You should target these keywords with your conversations in the end of the video where you give them the most value to stay for more content or buy into your product.

Now, at the end don’t just push these keywords into descriptions or titles. Try to integrate them into your video content as AI is developing and also YouTube extract keywords from Automated Captions.

3. Learn How To Steal Audiences by talking on Better topics

One of the best YouTubers you see currently converting their audiences into their product consumers are the one’s that stole existing audiences of other YouTubers.

• Mr.Beast Saying Logan Paul’s name for more than 1000 times.

• A Video Editor releasing a Video on Sidemen to steal their Best Audience.

• Gaming Creators hoping on new Games to steal the attention of users of that game.

You need to learn how to steal Someone else’s audience. First, find where your content vision aligns with a competitor or a potential big YouTube channel in your niche. Try to add the element of that big YouTube channel into your videos if both of your channels have an aligned content.

When the audiences will see a common point, you will start attracting the other creators audience. It doesn’t have to be creator. A big name in your niche and a piece of content aligned toward the brand and a broad issue works the best to get search queries related to that brand point toward your brand or YouTube Channel.

4. Distribute your Content & have a schedule

You should never make your subscribers feel like you are being irrelevant with your content due to slow posting. That’s why distribute your old content pieces as YouTube Shorts and move your audiences to other platforms to keep them updated about your business.

Breaking down your content into pieces and redirecting the audience from places like Pinterest, IG and Tiktok to YouTube is a must for a long term success as it helps in getting the YouTube community together for better long term growth.

5. Guide Your Audiences to Your Existing Content

Try to always guide your audience to existing content rather than using tactics like “Subscribe for more” and “pushing likes and shares”. Interlink every next video to your videos to keep the maximum retention across all your pieces of content.

Interlinking your YouTube Content building a better personal experience for your viewership should be your best priority.

YouTube Creators like Colin and Samir are always sharing their previous clips in future videos to make the new viewers tune into their best content. You can watch their videos and learn how to replicate that for your YT channel.

6. Writing Better Titles and Crafting Best Thumbnails

Writing better Titles every time boils down to different tactics, according to the subject of your video. But here’s few key elements of writing a great title!

1. Curiosity - Building up a short story in your title to build up the curiosity.

2. Time Frame - Using Time Frames in your Titles help viewers to build assumptions and insights they will have by the end of the video.

3. Authority- Using Authority building Words or names in your Titles will help you to increase the click-through-rate.

4. Desire - Sometimes try to keep it simple and try to fulfil your audience’s desire with a simple title.

5. Negativity/ Positivity - Try to show your video messaging through your Titles like it will help, fix your mistakes, expose your problems. A negative and positive messaging is important.

For Thumbnails, Try to focus on giving more than context, that’s what title does. You should fuel their imagination with your Thumbnail designs. Making them understand the visual elements of the video just by seeing your thumbnail. I am going to do analysis of my favorite Thumbnails, You can subscribe here to read it.

7. Youtube Tips You Should Never Forget

1. Study your Best YouTube Video Insights & Track your video retention rate.

2. Utilise Some of the well know marketing tools like VidIQ, Tubebuddy and do Market research for your niche from time to time.

3. Network within your niche on other platforms, and do content partnerships.

4. Having Subtitles and utilising your subtitles for other languages to reach a higher number of audience is a must.

5. Developing a content schedule that you Keep up with without going irrelevant.

6. Surveying your Audience through Community Posts.

At last, YouTube adds new-to-new features, algorithm changes and launches new resources. You can subscribe below and receive YouTube Growth tips and social media trend alerts!