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A Quick Guide to Pinterest: Here’s how to Get Traffic & Sales from Pinterest in 2022

Jaskaran Saini

Aug 14, 2022

8 min read

I’ve been creating content on Pinterest from last 2 years and had the opportunity to talk to Pinterest Ad Partners and verified creators. I would like to share the results and lessons with the community I learned and some failures with you.

Current State of Pinterest:

Pinterest saw an increase in user base during covid breakout and then downfall. But in Q2, The platform saw 9% in revenue showing advertisers trust in the platform. Pinterest Ads is the key for success for e-commerce brands and some selected niches. Coming to the organic part, the platform is focused more on creator marketing and idea pins. Why? Creator marketing is booming I won’t go deep on that but they are focused on Idea pins because that keeps users on platform due to no-link allowed. At last, the Pinterest Men’s user base Is growing faster than ever.

Content Practices For Pinterest Growth

Idea Pins are the most organic part of Pinterest. They don’t have link to the website feature. The key strategy is to focus more on working on your CTA to drive them to your profile where your links are available. Create engaging idea pins with more than one clip, creating an engaging carousel using AIDA formula. Building Attention in the first place, Interest in the second and fulfilling the desire in third place and linking them to your website with adding CTA in the end.

Pinterest Inspiration: Most Users go on Pinterest for inspiration for their next purchase, outfit for them or their house. We can’t neglect that how good Pinterest AI is at recommending users the content that fits the whole feed when they open the app. That’s why from Day 1 try to maintain the aesthetic of your niche. Sitting down for 1 hour before starting Pinterest to find top 5 aesthetics in your niche will help you get better results in long term. The problem is actually failing to understand the aesthetics because I am always redirected to normal user boards when I click on posts that make me click for more. That’s why that’s the part you need to focus most on!

Consistency is linked with Pinterest more than any platform. You need to be consistent with pin publishing and repinning strategy. What’s the bad advice? Most Pinterest Gurus advise you need to create 10-15 pins per day but that completely wrong and spammy. What you need to work on is be consistent with publishing quality pins 2-5 pins per day with a good repinning strategy. A good repinning strategy is meaning your repinning posts to build aesthetic boards along your published pins to get more people follow your boards leading those boards to rank on Google. And that works and can be done consistently without burnouts on the side.

Content Distribution: To get more eyes on your Pinterest pins you created with your valuable time. You need to network with Established Pinterest creators and join their boards and repin your pins in them for more targeted traffic. This part can be difficult, because I see most established creators don’t accept direct requests. Try to network with them through other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Pinterest Ads work or not?

Tune into any advertising conversations on Reddit, quora and twitter. They say Pinterest Ads don’t work. We can’t prove that because results from Investors and revenue growth shows us the platform is being utilised.

Pinterest Ads is not like Facebook & TikTok Ads

These platforms have nearly double the monthly active users of Pinterest which clearly puts the reality in front that few niches on the platform are extremely small and it costs more Ad spend to target them. That’s why I recommend you doing your research before investing into Pinterest Ads + I would like to tell that you can actually book an call with Pinterest Ad Experts to get more information about your target market.

UGC Ads perform better than Regular Ads

UGC content is booming on Tiktok and Instagram, the scenarios are the same for Pinterest and even better. Working with Pinterest Verified creators will give your Ads far more creditability and that content that fits the audience always work.

A/B Testing your Ad Copy is important

Placing your Facebook Ads copy over Pinterest is not going to work and those Pinterest Ads Is not working to work . Also, you won’t get the same results from Pinterest campaigns, The KPIs that determine success of your campaign are different on Pinterest. That’s why analyse your Pinterest Ads better to track the KPIs and to find Ads you need to use for retargeting.

Keep Your Boards Organized even if you are running Ads

Yes, how your profile looks matter because for social proof. The chances after seeing your first Ad. The viewer will look into your boards for the proof of work. That’s why keep your boards organized to build social proof for your Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pinterest Marketing

How to do Pinterest Keyword research?

Everyone talks about how finding best keywords is the key to success on Pinterest. But it's not that simple. Most Users on Pinterest are looking for inspiration and new solutions and ideas, which means they are not searching same questions on Pinterest that they do on Google or IG. That's why you need to search few keywords mentioned on your website in Pinterest. Analyze the results and don't look at the keyword you searched. Look at alternative keywords mentioned along the main keyword. Those keywords are fitting Pinterest aesthetics and that's the reason those pins are ranking on Top.

Another way to do better at picking keywords for your titles is to use Pinterest Trends. This way you will be able to find which keywords are growing on the platform and what type of pins are ranking on those trends.

What's the best Pinterest posting strategy?

First part of my posting strategy is to maintain aesthetics of my niche in my pin designs. Having your Pin design fit the aesthetics is the starting point. After that, creating Targeted boards and pinning your pins to different boards but every board is focused on different section of keywords in your niche. Now, you can fill the board with your pins alone. That's why you need to repin trending posts in your niche or that board category. To make it stand out of Pinterest on search engines like google and Bing. Repeating these steps consistently lead me to success on Pinterest. Another bonus point is if you can get into Top Pinterest boards created by other creators and repin your pins on their boards which is very beneficial.

What are best Pinterest Marketing Ideas?

  1. Utilize Idea Pins for more organic growth
  2. Distribute your Pins across other Social media platforms.
  3. Add your Best Pins to Your Blogposts or website.
  4. Apply for Pinterest Rich Pins from the start.
  5. Update your Boards from time to time.
  6. Work with Pinterest Verified Creators for better results.

How much Pinterest Traffic can you accept from posting consistently?

The chances are you can get huge amount of Pinterest impressions but still fail to divert that traffic to your website. So, What's the best thing to do? You need to work on your Call-to-actions that you are using right now. Optimize them with better copywriting to convert more Pinterest impressions into real time traffic to your website.

How to keep up with Pinterest Trends and Updates?

I track Pinterest updates and trends every week and share them with 3,000+ people. You can subscribe below to receive them for free.