Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

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Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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January 09, 2021 - 9 min read

Biaheza Dropshipping Course- Worth $294 or not?

When you go to YouTube and Search about Drop shipping there chance of seeing a Biaheza Video is more than 90%.

He makes videos on many topics which can help you make money. But drop shipping is like love to him as I think because he has made more than 10-20 videos on it.

But talking about his most viral videos are actually not on Drop shipping but topics like Forex trading and Instagram followers.

These days there are many dropshipping which are available in market with price from $0 to $1,000+ and few are famous.

Those famous ones are Biaheza's Dropshipping Course and Ecom Empires. Today, I am reviewing Biaheza's Dropshipping Course and Comparing it with Ecom Empires.

Is Biaheza's Course worth $294?

I know that the name biaheza brings a brand value to the course which affects the selling price. People who are not famous but successful at drop shipping sell their course through Facebook ads.

Those people sell their course between $0 to $90.

In the case of Biaheza, I think his course is good but definitely not worth $294. Like you can buy a $7 or $50 course and start a new store with the amount left which you were going to use for buying his course.

I am not saying it is not valuable but man you can't sell a $10-60 worth course in $294. Like, selling courses is not dropshipping that put less and get more.

Which is Better Biaheza's Course or Ecom Empires?

See, Biaheza's Course is $294 and Ecom Empires is a Free training program which costs $0.

Is this Makes Ecom Empires better?

I wrote an e-book on Instagram which has 5-years of Growing Instagram and making money on Instagram. The book is reviewed by many people and its worth $10-20 as According to them. They asked me to not sell it in free as knowledge in Book is highly valueable.

I told you this if something highly valuable and helpful is present in a course or book then why you will be selling that free of cost?

Ecom Empires is free. This is because its just a beginner course which includes knowledge available on YouTube.

They take your email by giving you their free course and sell you their main course 'Dropship Academy 2'.

So, Biaheza's course is sold at $294 comparing to the Ecom empires. The knowledge in his course is more than Ecom Empires but still, his course is overpriced.

Which Course should you Join?

If you are a beginner and know just few things about dropshipping. Then, get some knowledge from Youtube and also join Ecom Empires as it is a free training Program.

But if you know the beginner's stuff, then I don't recommend joining Biaheza's course due to overprice.

Also, His course doesn't have much focus on targeting through Facebook ads which is an important part of Dropshipping.

Mainly courses about dropshipping are made to give an overview to people that what are dropshipping basics and how you can do it in 2020 or 2021.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Module

  1. What Products Actually Sells In Dropshipping?
  2. How to Find Best product & Software he use To find Products.
  3. Creating a Brand New Shopify Store as a Beginner Step-by-Step.
  4. Setting Up Shipping and Legal Pages.
  5. Creating Content for Company & Making Viral Advertisements.
  6. What is Facebook Pixel and How to Install it.
  7. My Instagram Theme Page Strategy.
  8. How to Use Facebook ads + Target, and Scale Audience.
  9. How to Deal with Taxes.
  10. Conclusion

He has also given some examples and case studies on Products that made him huge profits and other products which literally failed.

Pros and Cons of Biaheza's Course

Talking about pros and cons of his course. Even the pros are more than cons, but that 2-3 cons are enough for me to not recommend you buy that course.


  • Beginner Friendly & Easy to Understand.
  • Tutorials on Setting whole Store Step-by-Step.
  • Covered Importance of Getting right Product & How to find it.
  • Covered his Secret Strategy to get Orders from Instagram Marketing.
  • Beginners Guide to Targeting People through Facebook Ads.
  • Short and To the Point.


  • Not for Experts.
  • Not gave knowledge about using Google Ads & SEO for Long term Success.
  • There is No Refund-Policy.
  • Didn't discussed Use of Tiktok to sell more Products.
  • Literally, Has Nothing Known to people that would have made a difference.

Way To Learn Dropshipping for Free

You don't need to buy dropshipping course just watch available videos on it. Biaheza has made some great videos about it. But I have found another channel.

'Ecom King' and this channel is fully focused on Dropshipping and can help you finding the basics of the dropshipping business and know the best product sell in 2021 or any upcoming month.

Here is one of the channels, most popular video below:-

The video above is a 5-hour long course that is on youtube and has a lot of value. Just watch this video, then you don't need to buy any course again.


Is Dropshipping Dead?

People need solutions and things to make their life easier and happy. So, if these habits exists then drop shipping is not dead.

You just need to find the right product for the targeted audience looking for a solution and the solution is the product you are promoting through ads.

If you did this right, then you can be successful at running a dropshipping store.

How to Install Facebook Pixel?

Facebook pixel is used to check how many people are visiting to your store through Facebook ads. You can Install it through following Steps:-

  • Go to Events Manager.
  • Click on Connect Data sources and web.
  • Select Facebook Pixel and connect.
  • Add your Pixel name.
  • Enter your Website for easy Setup and Click Continue.
  • After that, Check Manual and plugin ways here.

Is Biaheza a Scammer?

No, I have subscribed to his channel and some of the videos have really helped me make money. I recommend you watch his new series 'Millionaire from Scratch'. One of the ways helped me make an extra $100 per week.

Should I use Chinese Products for Dropshipping?

We all know most of the dropshippers use Alibaba but those who stand out said you can't pick any of the low cost product from Alibaba. You have to do research about it and then choose one. You can also do E-bay dropshipping if you don't want to use chinese products.

So, I just want to use do product research and check reviews before using that product. This is not only for Chinese, its for all.

How To Remove Powered by Shopify?

Is Refund Available for his Course?

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy. Your Money is gone and you can't get it back dawg.

Biaheza Dropshipping Course Reddit


I will not recommend you to buy Biaheza's drop shipping course as most of the things he told are easily available on YouTube. It's all about dropshipping knowledge some Youtubers give so much knowledge that they will have some hot sh*t in Course. I hope this review gave you some context about course.

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