Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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January 08, 2021 - 26 min read

Branded Images To Derive Attention and Build Brand Identity

Images help you to describe your blogs, products, and brand with a visual appeal. If you use the right images, it can result in a more Interactive audience and will result in a deep bond between the audience and your Business or Personal Brand.

So, using Images to grow your business is called Visual Marketing.

You can not achieve Visual Marketing Success with ordinary images and that's why you need Branded Images. This is because ordinary images like stock Images or royalty-free images are used worldwide and have no effect.

Like, Using those images will not help your blog rank on Google. You need Branded Images for ranking now, I will tell you about them and also how to create them to build Brand.

What Are Branded Images?

Branded Images are used for building Brand Identity. These Images consists of an image relevant to your brand or topic, your brand font, and brand colors. These Images can also include your business name and logo if you want to include them as Branding.

Most people think Branding is just having a Great logo and Eye-catching Color scheme. But having branded Images help you develop your Brand Image and Identity in the Market. Talking about Big Brands like BMW and Mercedes, they have been using Branded Images for a long time and have a great Visual Brand Identity.

When you are selling the same product as Car Brands do, you must have a visual appeal through your design and images even you have something Valuable. It all comes to how you represent your product in your Images.

Let's see what Mercedes say about there Brand Identity:-

“The main objective of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy is to create fascination and brand identity oriented towards long-term effect rather than short-lived trends, it taps into a “gene pool” of brand-typical style elements in the sense of a living tradition. At the end of this process exists a car as an individual space for living.”

- Daimler

How To Use Branded Images?

You can Use Branded Images to stand out of the crowd and develop authority in your Niche. So, After Creating Branded Images on Tools like Photoshop, Canva and other tools available.

Then, you can use them on places below:-

  • Your Website or E-commerce Store to Increase Brand Image and Interactivity.
  • On Social Media Platforms (Like Instagram and Pinterest) to Develop Social Proof which is Essential for Brand Image.
  • Advertising, you should Use Branded Images to Make people Stop and Click on your ads.
  • Marketing Campaigns, while running campaigns like email marketing or Influencer marketing. Then, using these images may help get more attention from the targeted audience.

So, I have told you where you can use Branded Images but how these will affect your Brand Identity is next.

Why You Should Use Branded Images?

Using Stock Images will result in being similar to other businesses as millions of people around the world use those Images. But Branded Images help you be different and build your brand Identity.

Let's take the example of an Instagram creator who creates content on Branding. @thejeremymura creates posts about branding and design on Instagram, he also creates YouTube videos on these topics.

His Post is an excellent example of a branded Image, he uses these colors and fonts in every post. As told earlier, he used his business name in the image instead of the logo. He has grown to 60,000+ followers on Instagram creating Branded content but he would have failed with ordinary Images.

Same in case of websites, If you are searching for digital marketing then you will see all of the branded Images as Market knows that Ordinary Images don't work.

So, Internet is full of ordinary content and Images. You need to do branding of Images to stand out of Crowd.

How To Create Branded Images If you are not a Designer?

Most people think that creating these Images is not possible for them.


This is because they think or maybe you also think that you need to learn Graphic Design for that but you are wrong. I Know Tools like Photoshop and Illustrator requires time to master but you can Use Canva.

Canva is a great tool for you Most people who don't know about Graphic Design recommend it to people like them. Canva is like Drag and Drop tool you have thousands of Fonts, Images, and elements available which you can use to create branded images.

Also, you need to have no-worries as after Visiting Canva you can learn how to use it easily through their blogs.

I am also using Canva for creating these images. But there are some alternatives for canva like Pixellab, Crello, and many others which you can use but still, I recommend Canva.

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    4 Rules To Master Branded Images

    This can also happen that you are using Branded Images but they are not working to build your Brand Image. This can be because of not using these rules which are used by brands like Sephora to Amazon.

    1. Use Right Color-Scheme

    You can't use the wrong color scheme as every color defines your brand. This is why you should know about Color Psychology that which color represents your Brand.

    Let's take the example of the Sephora Ad below, they have used Pink Tones and these tones represent beauty and sensuality. Similarly, Check this blog to see which color represent Big Brands and how they use it to attract people.

    Sephora Nude Beauty
    Sephora Ad

    Like Blue color represents trust and Purple define Luxury, So search for Color Psychology on Google or Use Color-scheme generator to find perfect Colors for your Brand Image.

    2. Add Call-To-action to Images

    You have to stop people and make them take action to click on the image of your business or personal brand. For that Call-To-action plays an Important role and as it makes people clear that they need to take action to know more.

    Most people don't know that calk-to-action is basically of two types, which are:-

    1. Direct Call-To-Action

    Most people use Direct call to action but now people term it as Clickbait. As people find it everywhere on every website and online Store Ads to Checkouts.

    Direct Call-to-Actions are actions like buy now, read it, and Visit now. These work for you the best if you have catchy titles on Images and the right colors. Like here, Heineken did below with Direct Call-to-Action

    Heineken beer ad phycology
    Source: takealot.com

    So, you need to give clear message with direct call-to-action to make your Branded Images rank on google or social media.

    2. Indirect Call-To-Action

    These type of call-to-actions doesn't actually seem Clickbait to people because they actually give signals to audience that it will help them.

    For Example, The image below looks like it has no call-to-action but it will attract more people. This is because the line 'You Should Know' is giving the signal that the information Inside is Useful for you.

    10 types o
    Source: Me

    This is why Indirect call-to-actions are more effective nowadays and people know old call-to-actions. So, In 2021 you have to come up with great Call-to-actions to master Branded Images.

    So, I hope you understand the power of these actions to rank these Images in 2021.

    3. Use Two Fonts Combination

    You must use two fonts as one for Heading and another for small text or paragraphs. Most Big Brands do that as you can see Brands like Apple use San Francisco Bold for Headings and San Francisco Normal for Paragraphs.

    Either you can use two fonts from two different families or two fonts from same family. Using Fonts from same family will be more better and easily readable.

    Always choose Fonts which is best for User Experience and eye-catching.

    4. Relevant Images

    Branded Images Include Png's and Stock Images which are relevant to the brand. There are plenty of websites where you can find these Images like Unsplash, freepik, and many more.

    There are somethings you need to know while using them.

    1. Must Use Images with clear-message to make them easily understandable for people and AI.
    2. Color schemes must be matching if you are bending in two images. If that doesn't happen, then use the overlay effect of that color.
    3. Know its Purpose and try to Make it Memorable.
    4. Check Alt tags are needed to define them or not.

    In Branded Images, the images you insert play an Important role and without them your brand color and fonts are just font on background.

    Which means?

    No center of attraction to derive people. So, remember to keep all the things together to be the best.


    What is the Brand Image?

    Brand Image is the most important thing in business. It's how people see your Brand and what they think about your brand. Brand Image grows with Increase in Trust and community of your company.

    What are Brand Image Examples?

    Roll Royce is a brand that represents luxury and has an image know for luxury Cars whereas Coca-Cola represents an image known for joy and happiness.

    How To Build Brand Image?

    You have to be real and authentic. After that Identify your key audience, then deliver best content which will build a trust bond between you and audience. This will give right message in market about your Brand which will result in building Brand Image.

    How To Find Images for your Brand?

    You can use certain websites that offer stock images like pixels and Unsplash or find premium Images on websites like envanto or shutterstock.

    Do Branded Images Help In Building Brand Identity?

    Yes, most people think that brand imagery is just about Logo but branded Images is the real way to build Identity in 2021.

    Which are best Tools to Create Images for Branding?

    If you are designer, then you can use options like Photoshop, Illustrator. But if you are a person like me who don't know much about graphic design. Then Tools like Canva, crello, Pixellab and Adobe Spark are one to consider for creating them.

    Which Social Media Platforms Need Branded Images to Grow?

    Pinterest and Instagram are the platforms on which you can't grow by uploading ordinary posts with no value. You have to create valuable Branded Images(content) to get the first 1,000 followers. This is because organic reach is low and so you need to think out of the box to grow.


    Talked about Branded Images so much, now just make it clear. Using Branded Images actually help you to be on other level. I have never seen Stock Image ranking for blog but it can be ranking for stock image seller. Branded Images is trending more and more as Brands go Out of The Box.

    I hope this blog helped you and taught you something about Branded Images.

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