Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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June 01, 2021 - 16 min read

7 Ways To Beat Instagram Algorithm 2021

The Instagram algorithm is the primary reason everyone is still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to use instagram for business.If you want to get it right, then you need to check these ways out!

How come these ways can work for you?

Algorithms are designed by programmers, but you or me are instagram users trying to grow Followers. So, I read the documentations and researched how your posts are ranked on Different Instagram sections.

Now, After doing analysis of more than 1,000+ posts. I have found the key tactics to beat the Algorithm and way to grow 40-50+ followers per day.

After doing introduction of 1-2 mins, let's get into these ways:-

1. Use Right-Sized Hashtags

We are not talking about using just hashtags, but hashtags of right size. The most common mistake you make is using wrong size Hashtags.

Most people have less than 2,000 followers and use Hashtags with more than 500k-1 million+ posts.

How can you find right hashtags for your account?

  1. Check how much likes you have on last three posts and note it down.
  2. Then, visit the Hashtag you want to use and note down the average amount of likes every post on Hashtag gets!
  3. If the hashtag posts and your posts have difference of more than 100+ likes. Then you shouldn't use that Hashtags.
  4. In terms of recommendation, I suggest if you have less than 5,000 Followers you should use Hashtags with 30k-600k posts. If you have more than that use Hashtags with more than 100k-500k+ posts.

Most people blame that Hashtags don't work but they don't apply these rules I mentioned. So, from now start using hashtags suitable for your account.

*Extra Tip*: Hashtags don't work on multiple image posts, as per my research!

2. Use Alt Text

Many people ignore this Feature or even don't know about it. But as a Marketer, I can tell you that whole internet(Instagram) is filled with images (Posts) and to find the best images(Post) to show users, Alt text is used by Algorithm.

So, all the photos you see on top when you search on Google have alt text used manually or automatically. But why it's important?

Instagram Algorithm or any type of Algorithm is not fully capable to tell what's in the image or your post. So, to clarify what's in it Alt text is used.

This helps Algorithm know that what your image or post is about and your post reaches right audience!

How to Use Alt Text?

  1. Select a photo or video you want to upload!
  2. Under the "Also post to" you will see section named "advanced settings" click on that!
  3. Then, you will see the option called "Alt Text" click on that and what's your post about!
  4. You have to include Keywords in Alt text to reach more people!

Some people don't believe that this helps in beating instagram Algorithm. But I can assure you that Internet will fail to show you right image results. If Alt text went away as Artificial Intelligence is still in development.

So, Using Alt Text is a wise thing to make algorthim work in your favor!

3. Comment more often

Most people complain that instagram algorithm don't promote their post to new people and that's why there growth is slow.

But I don't complain but Comment more than sometimes I like posts. Why? Because Comments are like banners the more banners you have across the city for a show, the more eyes are there to see you.

Just like that the more you comment, the more people visit your profile. Then, your Content is there to turn that visitors to followers.

End Goal: If Instagram Algorithm don't promote your content, Comments are the way to self-promote!

4. Add Keyword To Your Instagram Name

Another way to escape and beat Instagram Algorithm is to add keywords to your Instagram name (not username).

This will help you to get more Followers as when someone search something related to that keyword your account will show up.

For Example- When someone searches for "Fashion", if your Instagram name is just your own name like Jasmine. There is no chance your account will show up to get more Followers.

But If your Instagram is "Jasmine- Fashion Blogger" your account will show up to many people and you will get more profile visits and Followers.

This is a great way to grow without depending on Instagram Algorithm and get Highly targeted audience.

5. Build Connections In DM's

Instagram Algorithm knows who is in your DM's and then they suggest your account when someone follow that Account in your DM's.

That's why you need to build Connections with other Creators or Influencers in your field to give algorthim signals that you are part of that community.

Then, you will get Followers through suggested section when anyone follows a Creator or Influencers who is in your DM's.

Another similar hack to beat the Instagram Algorithm In 2021 is to be in comment section of big creators of your Industry.

This will help you to connect with them and steal their followers by posting valuable Comments that catch eyes of people.

Also, many accounts have started pinning valuable Comments and this feature helps you to get the attention you deserve from the targeted industry.

Connecting with right people on Instagram is the way to go to beat Instagram Algorithm 2021.

6. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram recently copied tiktok and launched instagram reels. But seriously this was the best thing Instagram did last few years. Why? Because this made growing instagram Followers easier than ever.

Seriously, like you can post a reel and close instagram. Then after few hours you wake up to 100 new Followers and 10,000+ views.

But How to go viral on Instagram Reels?

  1. Use Trending Sounds
  2. Keep Your Reels under 15 seconds
  3. Add Transitions
  4. Use Targeted Hashtags with 1 million+ posts to reach more people.
  5. Make your reels relatable.

Instagram reels are highly organic, and reels that go viral on Instagram are relatable.

Recently a Creator grew from 100k to 1 million+ followers by posting relatable content to it's Industry.

So, the best way to beat reels algorthim is to be relatable.

7. Do Instagram Lives

Instagram is really pushing live feature, like now you can go live with more than 4 users.

And thus feature is going to help you out a lot because lives are the best way to get more Engagement as your followers get notified when you go viral!

But may be you are thinking how can live Feature help me beat instagram algorthim and grow followers.

It's simple, you need to go viral with other Creators at your level of Followers or more Followers than you.

This helps you get new followers within few hours, when the instagram live session ends. You probably will have gained some new Followers.

One of the Instagram Creator I Know did a live with Neil Patel (Digital Marketer with 100k+ followers) and he gained around 500-1,000 within few hours.

You can bet on Instagram Live to beat algorthim when you go live with other Creators. Especially, now when 4+ users can go live together chances of growing followers are grown!


How Instagram Algorithm Works?

Instagram Algorithm has one important role to do which is to keep most of the users on the platform. So, the algorthim do everything to keep the users on platform.

Why Hashtags don't work?

If hashtags are not working on your post, then may be your using Hashtags with millions of posts. You should use Hashtags with suitable for your account.

For example, Use #instagramalgorthim with 100k+ post not #instagram with millions of post. So, you need high engagement to rank on hashtags with millions of posts.

My Tip:- Use Hashtags wisely, according to your engagement rate.

How Instagram ranks post on explore page?

There are three factors that help you rank on Explore page:-

  1. Saves- Instagram recommend people posts based on what they save in their collections. So, focus on getting more saves!
  2. Carousels- This is a pretty strange factor that works, Hashtags don't work pretty good on carousels, but they get easily ranked on explore page.
  3. Likes & Comments- Users are suggested Content they interacted with, so you need to post similar content to other creators. So, that instagram suggests you!

Did Instagram change algorthim 2021?

Yes, with new updates Instagram is focusing more and more to make authentic Creators more discoverable. This year Instagram is guiding content creators on how to build their presence on Instagram.

If you are a Creator then, follow @creators on Instagram. It's an official account owned by Instagram and they collaborate with other creators on that account + give tips to help you grow your audience.

How Instagram Story Algorithm Works?

Instagram story algorthim is pretty simple. To get more story views you need to make your stories more interactive like you should use instagram polls. But why?

Because the followers that interact with those instagram polls will see your next stories fast. As, your stories will appear first in their feed due to that interactivity.

Then, Instagram will also start pushing your stories to other Followers!

Why your likes dropped?

Recently, my new accounts likes was dropped from 200 to 100. But the main reason was my Content quality was decreased. Your every post reach 10% of your Followers at first, then if the response is good.

Then post is shown to other Followers and starts ranking on explore page or hashtags.

How To Optimize your Instagram Bio?

In your Instagram bio, the first line should be about your account, then your speciality or why you started this account. In third line, I recommend you to add call-to-action if you have a website.

You should have 3-line bio as 4th line is not readable unless you click on read more.

A perfect instagram bio tells people what to expect and why they should follow you.

How Instagram Reels Algorithm Works?

Instagram reels algorthim works exactly like Tiktok's algorthim. Hashtags don't play an important role in both cases + most of the reels that go beyond 100k+ likes don't even have Hashtags.

You just need to jump on Tiktok trends and keep your content under 15 seconds to reach more and more people.

So, if you known how to go viral on Tiktok, then you just need to remove Tiktok watermark and repost it on Instagram.

How Instagram algorthim recognize your posts and how it affects your engagement?

Instagram uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize your posts and you can check what instagram thinks your post is about.

You just have to visit your Instagram post on desktop and then preform these steps:-

  1. Right click on your mouse or laptop and then click on inspect.
  2. Then press CTRL+F and type Image may contain.
  3. Then you will find how instagram recognized your post.

If Instagram recognized your post incorrectly, then your post will not rank on Hashtags you used or on explore page.

That's why you should use Alt text to help instagram recognize your post correctly.

Should you use Instagram Engagement Groups?

Based on my opinion engagement groups have always worked for me to gain more likes and Followers because after using them you just need to put high quality Content.

In 2020, I saw nearly 10-50 accounts went from 500 to 10,000 followers using engagement groups and posting on daily basis.

Do Contest and Giveaways help to gain Followers?

Yes, Giveaways help you get Instant Engagement and help you reach more people. But don't do money or gift card giveaways because they are spammy and the followers you will gain will unfollow after giveaway ends.

Instead of that, giveaway something that can help them out and resonate with your niche. Like I post about social media on Instagram, and I did giveaway of content calendar and my Audience really loved it + my engagement rate doubled.

So, genuine giveaways are the way to go!

Should you do Instagram Shoutouts?

These Shoutouts really help you to exchange audience with other Creators and you can really gain real Followers. But you need to find the best Creators at your level with high Engagement.

Tools I use To Beat Instagram Algorithm

1. Viralfindr.com

This tool really helps me to find Content that works on Instagram and always help me grow instagram followers fast with high quality content ideas.

I really recommend you this tool, if you struggle with Content ideas!

2. Ninjalitics (Not just analytics)

To track Insights and know how is your engagement rate compared to your followers, you need this tool.

Also, you can track the most used hashtags by your competitors and then use them to grow likes.

3. Canva

To create beautiful posts and stories you need this tool. I swear when trying to grow your account this tool is a must.

You can also use canva to schedule content for your social media accounts.

4. Milkshake

This tool helps you to create mobile friendly landing page to turn your Followers into subscribers.

With this you can easily grow you email list and this will help you easily monetize your Instagram account.

End-Thoughts On Instagram Algorithm

The Algorithm is never against you, you just need to put in the work and implement these Strategies. Then, it's all about quality of your Content.

I saw a huge drop in my engagement when last week, I just posted random posts. But it increased again when quality increased.

Most important: Most people fail because they think they created a great post and it fails. Then they don't post anything for next two days due to stress. Don't do that be consistent and post everyday don't just ghost after you had a bad post.

Focus on value and purposes!

By the way, There are many articles on Google that show on top when you search "instagram algorthim". The main reason why they are on top is they are too long and Clickbait.

I tried to put everything in fewer words but still it is quite long. But if this article really helped you share this with others. So, that the real tips could rank on top.