Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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March 30, 2023 - 18 min read

Marketing News Recap of March 2023 - The Social Juice

Can we call it March Marketing Madness? This month we had some industry changing updates regarding marketing and social media. From TikTok US Ban hearing mess up to Instagram pulling strings to shift focus from NFTs to Ad business.

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You can find a TL;DR list of marketing updates below:

TikTok News

  • Tiktok earned $205 million more than Meta, Twitter, Snap combined on in-app purchases. (Check)
  • Tiktok launched “Sound for Business” feature to make music more accessible to marketers & SMMs. (News)
  • Tiktok launches new Limits for Children users on platform with 60-minute limit per day. (Room)
  • Tiktok users soon might have the ability to download videos without watermark. (Matt)
  • Tiktok expands “Tiktok search Ads” to more advertisers, target users based on keywords & searches. (SEL)
  • Tiktok launched “Series” a new feature that allows creators to charge for premium content. (News)
  • Tiktok partnered with Dentsu on a new campaign performance tracking solution. (Newsroom)
  • Tiktok wins US trademark trial over stitch video feature. (Reuters)
  • Tiktok launched “Feed Refresh” feature for all users to start a new content feed . (Platform)
  • Tiktok and MLS enter multiyear partnership to preview more MLS content on the platform. (News)
  • Tiktok’s Ex-Head of Product said The platform didn’t launch $2B fund for creators, it was for their own business. (HR)
  • Tiktok US hearing was talk of the week and it was a complete mess. (Verge)
  • Tiktok reached 150 million US users & CEO Shou chew shared a video about it, asking community for support. (News)
  • Tiktok updates their content guidelines amid the ban situation in US. (new)

Instagram Updates

  • Instagram starts testing its age verification feature tools in more countries. (TC)
  • Instagram’s new “About this account” UI with Paid subscription mentioned. (Tweet)
  • Meta is cutting off reels bonuses program for Instagram & Facebook reels. (Here)
  • Instagram and Facebook are giving up focus & support for NFTs to focus on other elements of business. (Engadget)
  • Upcoming: A new Instagram feature to go live for only followers you follow back. (Alex)
  • Instagram will soon allow you to replace audio in reels if original audio is removed from the video. (Highlight)
  • Instagram is testing full-length reel replays in IG stories, you will be able to watch & share full-length reels. (SMT)

Meta News

  • Facebook launches 90 secs reels, memory prompts for reels & more. (Meta)
  • Meta shares how Integration of AI in Ad targeting is resulting in more ROAS for Marketers. (Here)
  • Meta funded a new tool to remove explicit images of minors from FB & IG faster. (Insider)
  • Meta is working on a decentralised social media app like Twitter. (Platform)
  • Facebook made new mentions in a blogpost about Messenger coming back to Facebook app. (Blog)
  • Facebook is testing removal of Topics in its groups feature. (DIW)
  • Important: WhatsApp users in EU can disagree to terms & services as Meta agrees to EU to comply with consumer protection rights. (Read)
  • Meta launches Paid Subscriptions on Instagram and Facebook in the US. (TC)
  • Meta cuts off 10,000 employees & shared the vision of being more efficient this year. (BBC)
  • Meta is getting rid of Mentorships in Facebook Groups from March 27. (Here)
  • Meta is working on a new verification feature to verify your account with missed call. (devs)
  • Meta is all set to remove Audio channels from Facebook Groups. (Blog)
  • A new Safety center for journalists to learn about content publishing on Platforms. (FB)
  • Facebook is shutting down online paid events feature from 8 May. (Read)
  • Meta launched updated version of WhatsApp web. (SMT)
  • New Facebook emoji update is here with new styles & support. (Read)

Google Search & Ad News

  • Google updated its Ad Policy with major changes. (News)
  • Google Adds 3 new changes to Google Ads dashboard. (SEL)
  • Google provides new update on FLEDGE that might be a relief for SEOs & PPCs. (SEJ)
  • Google introduces AI-powered search Ads. (Post)
  • Google launched 2 new asset creation & customer acquisition tools. (SEL)
  • Googles February 2023 Product Reviews Update Finished rolling out. (SET)
  • Google Ads simplifies audience creation with new GA4 Audience builder. (News)
  • Google roles out new updated desktop search design with new site names & more. (SEL)
  • Google Trends have a new look for 2023. (Post)
  • Google expands local service Ads to more than 70 new businesses. (SEL)
  • Google announces new “Prohibited Use Policy” for AI Products & content. (News)
  • New Google Analytics item-scoped custom dimensions. (Blog)
  • 5 new updates to Google Adsense Auto Ads. (Post)
  • Google announces use of AI in Google Drive, Docs & Gmail. (Blog)
  • Google’s Bard AI ChatBot launches in US & UK. (News)
  • Google March 2023 Broad core Update Tremors & Fluctuations continue. (Blog)
  • 3 new google Discovery Ads Features. (SEL)
  • Google analytics has increased the number of allowed properties. (Blog)

Twitter News

  • Twitter Blue Expands to 20 more countries. (mashable)
  • Twitter updated its violent content policies. (Update)
  • Twitter to charge $42k per month for API access for enterprises. (wired)
  • Twitter’s privacy preserving Tor service is unavailable now. (News)
  • Twitter now shows everyone “Bookmark count” for your tweets. (Pocket)
  • Elon musk said Usage of AI will happen on twitter to stop manipulation of users in Twitter. (wired)
  • Twitter working on “Why You’re seeing this tweet” feature to inform users about their interests. (Elon)
  • Happened: Twitter got rid of 2FA verification within the app for regular users, it is a twitter blue only service now. 
  • Twitter to kill earned legacy blue check marks, only paid blue checks will be available from 1st April. (CNN)
  • Twitter starts charging $1000 per month for verification badge to organisations & enterprises. (Help)
  • Elon musk releases algorithm for Twitter recommendations. (BT)
  • Twitter’s new text formatting feature is in-development to help users with tweet previews. (SMT)

Marketing News

  • Brave search adds Summarize AI feature. (Read)
  • OpenAI launches API for ChatPT & its whisper speech-to-text tech. (TV)
  • BeReal shares that they have no vision of Advertising & partnering with brands. (Reddit)
  • Twitch creators are angry as all the exclusive deals will go down, all creators will have a 50/50 revenue cut. (TB)
  • Spotify revamps its app with new Tiktok style discovery feed & smart shuffle for playlist. (TC)
  • Telegram announces new power-saving mode. (Blog)
  • ChatGPT 4 was launched this month & the trend around it is growing. (Check)
  • Netflix is Reviewing its Ad strategy considering ‘build or buy’. (DD)
  • Initiative named Adweek Global media agency of the year. (Adweek)
  • Roku, Bestbuy promises greater CTV precision through retail media pact. (MD)
  • Discord reverses policy changes after AI backlash. (GS)
  • Adobe introduces “Adobe firefly” tool powered with AI to help marketing & media design. (Forbes)
  • Google Cloud partners with Shopify for its commerce components stack for enterprise retailers. (Shopify)
  • Canva introduced new AI tools to Pro-version. (bloomberg)
  • Mozilla announced open source AI to fight against Bard & ChatGPT. (SEJ)

YouTube News

  • Youtube’s New CEO Neal shared his insights about future of Youtube & AI. (blog)
  • Youtube’s help forum announces big changes to the Forums. (TB)
  • Youtube will stop showing overlay Ads on desktop starting this month. (Check)
  • Youtube Updated their policies regarding Profanity after creator backlash, videos are eligible for monetisation. (blog)
  • Youtube will allow you to add Youtube Shorts thumbnails on iOS. (blog)
  • Youtube adds new metrics for multi-language audio & feature for Shorts Audio page sharing. (Creator news)
  • Youtube podcasts are now available to create in Youtube Studio & ability to measure performance. (Tweet)

LinkedIn News

  • LinkedIn launches collaborative articles for users to be more engaging & share insights. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn provides new segmentation options for its company engagement report. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn introduced 5 new features to Sales navigator to sell better. (News)
  • LinkedIn adds more Ad targeting criteria & new tips for B2C campaigns. (SMT)
  • LinkedIn launched new AI features like profile summary feature, Job description & more. (Read)
  • LinkedIn launched “Podcast Academy” to help podcasters to do better at it.(blog)
  • LinkedIn launched new feature to share posts with multiple members at once. (Post)
  • LinkedIn rolls out four updates for business pages.(blog)

Pinterest News

  • Pinterest is testing a premium Ad Format with an schedule. (SEL)
  • Dentsu strikes up Pinterest partnership in the UK. (Read (€))
  • Pinterest’s Shuffle Apps Access expanded to 9 new countries. (Blog)
  • Pinterest adds new safety features for users after NBC news investigation. (news)
  • Pinterest & Northwestern Mutual partner to do a content partnership for financial content on platform. (Blog)

Snapchat News

  • Snapchat will now let you pause your Snap Streaks. (TC)
  • Snapchat adds new content controls to its parental control feature. (values)
  • Snapchat launches new enterprises division to help businesses build AR features. (reuters)
  • Snapchat’s AI Bot integration with ChatGPT is here. (TV)

Reddit News

  • 6 new Reddit Ads Manager features introduced like automated ad creation & few others. (SEL)
  • Reddit launches the ability to search comments within a post. (PR)
  • Reddit is shuts down Reddit talks. (CBS)
  • Reddit launches separate feeds for readable & video content, many are calling it Tiktok clone. (TC)

Microsoft News

  • Microsoft Bing AI working on save chats & more features. (Seroundtable)
  • Global head of Microsoft advertising steps down. (SEL)
  • Microsoft layed off another set of 10,000 employees working in US. (DNA)
  • Microsoft Bing AI is available for everyone, waitlist is gone. (central)
  • Microsoft adds AI tools to Outlook, Word & other apps. (AP)
  • Microsoft integrates new text-to-image creator to Bing AI. (Bing)
  • Microsoft introduces category based targeting for Search Ads. (SEJ)

I certainly hope you're caught up on everything marketing with help of this marketing news recap. I will see you next week if you're subscribed to my newsletter or you can come back to this post to find April Marketing news.