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Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

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September 01, 2023 - 43 min read

Marketing & Social Media News - First Week of July 2023

This week in Marketing & Social Media Updates: 21st August to 27th August. We have a number of updates coming to TikTok, Meta’s Algorithm & other apps with release of Digital Services Act.

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Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Meta gets a new Library for Branded Content, Search your Competitor’s content just like Ads. (DoIt) 
  • Google August Broad Core Update Is live now.  (SET)
  • Youtube Shorts hit 50B watches a day mark & explains Shorts algorithm. (watch)
  • X (twitter) Job listing feature is officially live for Verified Orgs. (SMT) 
  • TikTok Search Toggle Ads focused on keywords are here. (TT)


  • Tiktok launches #songofthesummer, for creators to find trending songs.  (TT)
  • TikTok is on track to lose $500M this year due to Shops feature. (TheInfo)
  • Shops is also ending storefront integration with shopify, amazon & others. (BI) 
  • TikTok’s new holiday marketing guide is here. (TP)
  • Events API access given to Shopify. (New)

Instagram & Threads 

  • Threads App is available on desktop/web. (FB)
  • EU Users will be able to opt out of algorithm Feeds on IG & FB. (FB)
  • Threads App gets a separate Reposts tab on feeds. (MA)
  • Instagram feature to go live for only subscribers is coming alive. (TW)


  • Meta shares new tips for lead generation Ads. (Read)
  • End-to-End Encryption expands to Messenger App & more users. (MN)
  • New Ad Automation Guide (SMT)
  • Meta’s AI code generating model for Llama is live now. (launch)
  • Meta is offering upto $200,000 in Ad Credits for shopping campaigns. (AA) 
  • Messenger Lite goes away on android in September. (9to5)
  • WhatsApp group chats with noname. (TC)

Twitter (X)

  • X is testing a variety of UI changes for Link previews. (SMT)
  • Traffic to news sites like Reuters, CNN and others, like everyone.  (SEL)
  • Offering $250 in Ad Credits is being rewarded by X. (BK)
  • X glitch wiped out images & links posted before Dec 2014. (TV)

YouTube & Creators

  • Youtube is testing a “smaller skip Ads” button.  (TT)
  • Youtube to use their co-viewing data for CTV Ads amid transparency concerns. (CA)
  • YT’s view on AI usage for music creation.(blog)
  • Youtube gets their own Shazam feature. (Check) 
  • A new “Creators Guild of America” organisation is formed now. (Info) 
  • Colin & Samir published a new creator roundtable with streamy nominees. (CI) 


  • Google Search can now index CSV files. (SEL)
  • Google alerts Marketers about upcoming Updates due to Digital Services Act in EU.  (BL)
  • Google Ads to migrate Vehicle Ads from Smart shopping to performance max. (SR)
  • A new Notes features might be coming to google search. (sel)
  • Google Workspaces announces AI-powered Security. (See)

Agency News

  • GroupM and SeenThis teams to decrease carbon emits from Video Ads. (AW)
  • Wearesocial did a great linkedIn live to discuss influencers & Content. (LI)
  • GroupM launches new program to fight Programmatic Ad loss. (Read)
  • Partners in crime named Creative AOR by Smashburgers. (MB)
  • Publicis Groupe Romania launches a PR Agency. (IBB)
  • BMB’s latest women’s world Cup campaign deserved more praise. (See)

Brands & Ads

  • Netflix beats McDonald’s to become Gen Alpha’s favourite brand. (AW)
  • KFC launches new Billboard campaign with unwashed dishes. (MC) 
  • Morgan Stanley’s New Ad highlighting women tennis players.  (AW)
  • Häagen-Dazs $1.5M commitment to underrated Creators.  (MD) 
  • Tesco to share clubcard data with omnicom for data insights. (MB)
  • LG’s new Global Campaign focused on new refreshed identity. (Beat)

AI News

  • Meta rolls out multilingual speech translation model.  (TV)
  • Figma launches new AI bot: Jambot. (FA)
  • Associated Press offers AI Guidance for Creators. (SEJ)
  • Snapchat’s New Dream AI feature. (Info)
  • OpenAI’s new update allows companies to bring their own data to GPT 3.5. (CK)
  • OA also partnered with Scale to announce similar BTOD offering to enterprises. (AI)

Microsoft 💾

  • Microsoft launches Typeface AI for branded content for M Teams. (TC)
  • Python is coming to Excel. (TV)

Pinterest & Snap 🕹️

  • Pinterest rolled out new teen safety features & removes followers for users under age of 15. (TC)
  • Technical: Coding behind Pinterest experiences a change. (Infoq)
  • Snapchat announces new features & updates to content showing for EU. (Snap) 


  • Reddit launches new first-party measurement tools. (SEL)
  • Reddit adds new Interests for Search Ads. (RA)
  • New Moderator Reward program. (GO)

LinkedIn 🔋

  • LinkedIn launches new UI for Newsletters & ability to have multiple newsletters.(LI)
  • Brand Partnership Tags on LI are available now. (Announce)
  • LinkedIn Engineering team shares new insights to their algorithm. (Eng)


  • Netflix sees a 1% increase in weekly active users after Password crackdown.  (ST)
  • How Shopify is impacting e-commerce owners with AI Tools. (TF)
  • CTV Ad Spend hits 1 Billion mark in June. (blog)
  • WordPress announces 100-year Domain name registrations. (SEJ)
  • Twitch starts testing Tiktok like Clips for content discovery. (TC)
  • Apple podcasts launch a new paid subscribers metric for creators. (TV)











Top 5 Updates of the Week: 


  • Twitter is mourning today, As Elon Musk limits App Usage with new Viewing rate limit. (tweet)
  • Meta’s twitter showed up on Google Play yesterday & available in Italy. (TV)
  • TikTok is killing with in-app spend from consumers, earning over $1B. (Here)
  • Youtube fully against Ad blockers now, will stop playing videos for Ad block users. (SEL) 
  • MediaMath to file bankruptcy after the failed acquisition.  (AdEx)

Google News


  • Google accused of misleading advertisers by running Video Ads on third-party websites.  (MB)
  • Google launches new brand settings in Search & Max campaigns. (BG)
  • Google is now also stopping news access In Canada after new law coming in action.  (SEL)
  • Buy on Google program to shut down Sep. 26. (SEL)
  • Google’s John Mueller shares his insights on Semantic HTML in SEO. (seroundtable)
  • Google Analytics have AMP access. (release)
  • Google’s New Ad dashboard design. (SRL) 



  • TikTok could launch its first retail store in US In next few months. (Source)
  • Tiktok parent Bytedance has launched a new AI music platform “ripple”. (TKV)
  • TikTok’s new Creative challenge invites creators to make content for marketers. (TT)
  • TikTok completely abandons BeReal clone “TikTok now”. (engadget)
  • Tiktok’s Youth council will focus on teenage experiences on the platform. (news) 
  • TikTok launches a new monetisation feature for live streaming creators. (news)
  • MrBeast’s manager warns creator economy about Tiktok and danger of the app. (tubefilter)

Instagram News


  • Instagram’s Nick Clegg shares how AI influences Meta & IG.  (FB)
  • Instagram testing a feature to block explicit messages in DM requests.  (TGN)
  • Instagram now allows multiple collaborators on feed posts. (IG)
  • Instagram is working on the ability to have custom subscription benefits. (Tweet)
  • Long-time IG influencer, Joe Linder dead at age of 30. (RIP) 

Meta : 


  • Meta rolling out new parental control tools for teens to be more protective. (TC)
  • Meta verified is going global after launching first in Australia and NZ. (FB)
  • New WhatsApp advertising tools and features introduced for businesses. (biz)
  • Meta launches a new VR subscription for their Meta Quest +. (FB)
  • Meta must face discrimination claims over former Ad-targeting options. (mp)
  • Facebook is still not reviewing content reports consistently. (Axios)



  • Twitter to allow Blue subscribers to add their best tweet to Highlights tab.  (tweet)
  • Twitter now requires a sign-in first to view Tweets from web to all users coming from X source. (twitter)
  • Twitter to allow video downloading feature soon. (twitter)



  • Youtube brings back “sort by oldest” video feed feature.  (newsroom)
  • Youtube improves analytics overview in Youtube Studio. (watch) 
  • Youtube is testing an Online-Games offering.   (WSJ)
  • Youtube says Fan accounts need clear labels. (SEJ)

Agency News: 


  • Dentsu completes $516M acquisition of Tag, next agency brand.   (LN)
  • Beiersdorf launches $800M Global media agency review. (Read)
  • Kroger launches Retail media Self-service platform. (TB)
  • An AI-powered small agency is here. (mB)



  • LinkedIn is working on shared analytics features for companies.  (LN)
  • LinkedIn faced an algorithm problem this week with creators facing little to no reach. (100s of posts about it)
  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn investment is paying off. (reuters)

Reddit :


  • Fidelity deepens valuation cut for Reddit and Discord. (TC) 
  • Reddit will be never the same. (wired)

Brands & Ads: 


  • T-Mobile launches review for part of its creative business. (Adage)
  • Doordash launches its biggest app update for consumer research. (MBeat) 
  • Dior launches Online Makeup consultations feature with AR.   (AW)
  • Nike to move away from promotions in search of profitability. (MW)
  • Dutch Bros appoints new CMO. (WCP) 

Microsoft :


  • New AI powered shopping tools announced for Microsoft Bing & Edge . (SEL) 
  • Microsoft Open AI to allow enterprises feed AI sensitive data. (seround)
  • Microsoft introduces new Ad network policies. (MAD)

AI News:


  • Jennifer Lopez’s new AI Ad for Virgin Voyages Campaign. (Join)
  • OpenAI is getting sued for using Internet data to train GPT. (Report)
  • Browsing & Surfing feature is live on ChatGPT mobile.  (HOA)
  • Dropbox launches $50M AI-focused venture fund & new AI features. (TC)

Pinterest & Snap:


  • Pinterest is looking to better their Platform with targeting through user email address. (pD)
  • Snapchat reaches 4 million subscribers in 1 year of Snap+. (Here)



  • WPP partners with Contentful, A growing CRM & Data platform. (WPP)
  • Shopify launches “Creator Collabs” to allow businesses to partner directly with Creators. (Read) 
  • Flipboard launches Publisher “Interest Collectives”. (adweek)
  • Twilio and FrameAI partner to drive Customer engagement.  (lia)
  • Brand are teaching influencers about getting rich without virality. (ROTW)




This week in Marketing & Social Media: 19th June to 25th June Marketing Updates. We have a major update to Tiktok & Instagram for Advertisers. And new tools for creators!



Top 5 Updates of the Week: 


  • Youtube launches their Culture & Trends Report ahead of Vidcon. (YBlog)
  • TikTok current CCO Pappas to quit & Former Disney Exec to Join. (TheInfo)
  • Patreon launches a free version to bring more independence to creators. (Here)
  • Instagram Ads on reels are now available to more marketers. (SEL) 
  • Snapchat introduces a text-to-image model “SnapFusion”. (snap)





  • Google has removed attribution models in Google Analytics 4.  (GBlog)
  • Google Ads bring new Store sales reporting & Bidding To Performance Max campaigns. (Blog)
  • Google Ads automatically created Ad Assets for Performance max.  (SEL)
  • Google Search seeing a ranking volatility exploding with possible algorithm change. (SEL)
  • Google analytics 4 adds Google Ads conversion Credit Selection Eligibility. (seroundtable)
  • Google Search console adds INP to core web vitals report. (release)
  • Google tells not to use AI & LLMs to diagnose your Website SEO. (SRL) 



  • Tiktok & Unilever partner to share home good brands as official #cleantok partners. (Source)
  • Tiktok expands access to new TikTok shops e-commerce program. (TKV)
  • Tiktok launches Interactive Add-ons: To help brands be more interactive on the app. (TT)
  • Tiktok’s  “shop” project aimed at Online shopping is expanding more. (Paywall)
  • Tiktok & Candle media partnered to build storytelling content on platform. (news) 
  • Tiktok partners with Tour de France for content distribution & Ads. (news)
  • MrBeast’s manager warns creator economy about Tiktok and danger of the app. (tubefilter)





  • Instagram to launch Twitter-competitor Mid-July.  (forbes)
  • Instagram announced “reels downloader” now you can download publicly uploaded reels.  (SMT)
  • Instagram shares quick tips on utilising the new IG broadcasts feature. (IG)
  • Instagram expanding Link click history feature to more users. (Tweet) 




  • Meta tests new music optimisation in reels, App Promotion Reels Ads & More. (FB) 
  • Meta agrees to July “stress test” on new EU content rules. (Reuters)
  • Meta to pull news from Facebook and Instagram in Canada. (cnbc)
  • Meta says they have seen 24% more time spent on Instagram since reels addition to the platform. (FB)
  • Facebook algorithm changes has caused Web traffic to Plummet. (giz)
  • WhatsApp launched two new privacy features. (blog)


Twitter News


  • Twitter looks to provide more assurance for Ad partners.  (tweet)
  • Twitter users will be soon able to watch videos in the background & screen share twitter videos. (twitter)
  • Twitter Blue Subscribers will be Able to post 25k character tweets. (twitter)
  • Twitter is new feature “Add to Highlights tab” is live now. (Tweet)




  • MrBeast is now sick of all the creators taking his advice on content creation in a wrong way.  (twitter)
  • Youtube officially announced they are testing A/B testing Youtube Thumbnails feature. (watch) 
  • Youtube rolls out “comments to Youtube shorts” feature to more creators.  (TB)
  • Youtube launched first shopping channel in South Korea with TV like Shopping streams happening regularly. (Korea)


Agency News

  • Apple’s Marketing Chief tells at Cannes Lions that Agencies are forever.  (LN)
  • Leo Burnett Canada expands their strategy team, plans new hiring. (Read)
  • Edelman targeted by Climate Activists at cannes. (TB)





  • LinkedIn reveals AI Image detection research that catches fake profiles.  (LN)
  • LinkedIn introduces AI post generator for users. (source)
  • LinkedIn shares their new insights on using Ads & posting organic content. (LN)


Reddit News


  • Reddit traffic is going back to normal after two days of blackout & other protests. (gizmodo) 
  • Google’s new perspective feed will show user generated content, this can impact reddit amid all these blackout changes are still ongoing. (TV)
  • Reddit releases a new report on how its user generated content has influence on new users. (Report)


Brands & Ads


  • FTC sues amazon for hindering consumer attempts to cancel Prime. (Adage)
  • Mentos launches £1.5 million multi-channel campaign to promote its pure gum campaign. (MBeat) 
  • Shein Greenwashing Stunt fails: Influencers at the edge now.   (SM)
  • How Dove’s campaign won the Media Lions Grand Prix. (THML)
  • 7-eleven announces new slurpee for their brand campaign. (food) 


Microsoft  News 



  • Microsoft rolled out predictive Ad targeting to all advertisers . (SEL) 
  • Bing search within search by selecting text to search. (seround)


AI News


  • Meta launched a new AI community forum for users. (Join)
  • 75% of consumers want Brands to be truthful about use of AI. (Report)
  • Brandtech group acquires AI SaaS platform, Pencil (I love this tool). (MD)
  • Dropbox launches $50M AI-focused venture fund & new AI features. (TC)


Pinterest & Snap



  • Pinterest signs pledge to make the internet safer and better space for teens. (Read)
  • Pinterest & Aleph partner to serve advertisers in EMEA, LATAM and APAC. (Prnewswire)
  • Snapchat showcases Research advancements at CVPR 2023. (Here)


Discord News


  • Discord launches “media channels” & tests “server shop” feature. (musically)
  • Discord plans to let creators sell downloadable products. (TV)
  • Discord CEO on AI & Midjourney. (Read)

Marketing 🧃


  • Criteo hit with $44 Million Fine for GDPR violations. (mWeek)
  • Oatly launches new marketing campaign for their new “Cream cheese”. (Read) 
  • Survey monkey launches their State of CX Report. (mw)
  • Twitch CCO Interview with Creator Economy Expert: Lia Haberman.  (lia)




This Week In Marketing: June 12th to June 18th Marketing & Social Media Updates. We have major Advertising Updates from Meta, Google & Pinterest. And LinkedIn killing carousels and other features.

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Top 5 Updates of the Week


  • Instagram Broadcasts roll out globally. You can join my broadcast here. (about)
  • TikTok Shop is testing Visual Search. (Adweek)
  • Pinterest Introduces Premier Spotlight & Travel Catalogues. (Here)
  • LinkedIn is killing its three long-time features, that you never noticed. (Chris) 
  • Youtube lowers Youtube partner program requirements but. (jaskaran)


Google Search News


  • Google’s first two AI-powered Ad formats are here.  (GBlog)
  • Major Looker Studio GA4 connector update adds 170 new fields. (Blog)
  • Generative AI insights from Google Search Central Event.  (SEL)
  • Google releases new search spam report. (SEL)
  • Google trials new CTA that takes your customers direct to your website. (SEL)
  • Squarespace to acquire Google Domains. (release)
  • Google Analytics 4 integration with Adsense announced. (SRL) 

Tiktok News


  • Tiktok to invest billions in the Southeast Asia to boost e-commerce business. (Source)
  • Tiktok launches new AI Ad script generator for advertisers. (TKV)
  • Tiktok expands partnership with IAS for brand safety measurements. (Biz)
  • Tiktok launches “Tiktok Truths” a content series to build user trust in the app. (news) 
  • Tiktok launches a new site for Agency Partners to learn more about their offerings. (news)
  • TikTok EU Ad awards return, you can vote for your favourite campaign. (room)

Instagram News



  • Instagram launches music for Instagram notes. (TC)
  • Worldwide Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp outages on friday.  (wired)

Meta  News


  • Facebook to launch an inspiration hub for reels creators to find new content ideas & trends to post about. (Reuters)
  • Meta also expands reels bonus program to more creators & adds new monetisation rules. (FB)
  • Meta reduces age requirements for VR accounts. (TC)
  • Meta and Microsoft sign a new pact to responsibly use AI. (POAI)
  • Meta rolls out new Bot called Metamate for employees. (Abc)
  • Third-party dev tools get access to more reels publishing features, your social media schedulers will get better. (Devs)


Twitter News



  • Twitter will start focusing on video & commerce more with new business alignment.  (tweet)
  • Twitter’s New CEO sends out first email to all employees. (verge)
  • Twitter announces ability to create DM groups with up-to 100 people. (twitter)
  • Twitter is testing a Job board feature for organisations. (Tweet)
  • Community notes launched in eight new EU countries. (blog)
  • Twitter refuses to pay for Google cloud services. (nytimes)


YouTube News



  • Vidcon is taking place next week, Here are the brands doing sponsored events.  (conman)
  • MrBeast’s latest video broke the record for his most viewed video in 24 hours. (watch) 
  • This week at Youtube: New updates.  (watch)

Agency News

  • Ogilvy is asking agencies to label AI-generated influencer content.  (LN)
  • Refinery29 launches Twitch’s first third-party live shopping experience. (Read)
  • Terey Crew’s newly launched agency gets two major national clients. (TB)
  • Pfizer adds Work & Co. To Agency roster. (AdF)


LinkedIn News



  • LinkedIn plans streaming video Ad push.  (LN)
  • LinkedIn is testing a similar Twitter-like post notification structure. (tweet)

Reddit News


  • Reddit CEO did a new interview about the new issues. (The verge)
  • Reddit kinda threatens moderators to make communities public or lose access. (IGN)
  • Reddit moderators start polling audiences about opening or closing the community. Most polls are going against making communities public. 
  • Reddit suffered major outages on Friday after all the major reddit protests continuing. 


Brands & Ads News


  • Smirnoff’s new brand strategy is making a huge spark. (MA)
  • Tubi & MISCHIEF storm Cannes with fake movie posters. (Adage) 
  • Cava’s IPO was a huge success, their social media played a huge role in this growth.   (IPO)
  • Kate moss comes back to partner with Diet Coke for the season 2 “love what you love” campaign. (yahoo)
  • PPC experts react to recent Google Advertising changes announced. (SEL) 


Microsoft  News 


  • Microsoft corporate vice president of Ads shares new insights on AI Ads. (SEL) 
  • Bing chat tests image recognition & visual search. (seround)


AI Marketing News



  • Snapchat shares early insights on My AI Snapbot. (Read)
  • Adobe introduced another huge update to its firefly AI product. (Check)
  • Meta introduced “Voicebox” most developed AI speech generation model. (FB)


Pinterest News


  • Pinterest teams up with Westbrook for holiday season. (Read)


Marketing News


  • Twitch streamers report their payouts were lowered without warnings. (Dis)
  • Kellogg will no longer require marketers to have a degree to join the company. (mWeek)
  • Google Ads introduces new design. (Read) 
  • Twitch introduces new “Partner Plus”  tier for creators to share more revenue. (mw)
  • What’s with consumers not trusting influencers anymore? (Thedrum)



This Week in Social Media & Marketing Updates: 5th June to 11th June 2023. We have major social media updates related to AI developments. And first looks of Google’s new SERP page with perspectives on mobile.



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Top 5  Marketing Updates of the Week

  • Tiktok is testing a new AI Chatbot named “Grace”. (bloomberg)
  • iOS 17 will Automatically remove link trackers when opened in Safari. (Jas)
  • Reddit is going on blackout from Monday, Join r/save3rdpartyapps for more information. (Here)
  • WordPress launches a new AI writing tool to write blogposts for businesses. (Blog) 
  • First Look of Meta’s new Twitter Rival app “P92” is here. (news)

Google Search & Ad News

  • Google is going to launch paywalled local content feature for Google News.  (GBlog)
  • Google’s perspectives search menu filter is now live on mobile in US. (Blog)
  • Google Analytics 4 introduces five new dimensions & one new metric.  (SEL)
  • Google & Microsoft are including Advertisers into AI Ad testing without asking. (SE)
  • Google SERP AI now delivers results in half the time. (SEL)
  • US google news to get major new features. (Seround)
  • Google Ads API v.14 is here. (SRL) 

Tiktok Updates

  • Tiktok now have a text-only posting option. (Source)
  • Tiktok is opening up its paid content feature “series” to more creators. (TKV)
  • Tiktok launches “Open Applications” to allow creators to apply for brand campaigns. (Biz)
  • Tiktok French Executives fail to answer queries in The French Senate. (news) 
  • Tiktok targets to cross $20 billion in e-commerce sales. (news)
  • TikTok launches four new marketing course to Tiktok Academy. (Join)
  • Tiktok launches #gamingontiktok to celebrate global tiktok gaming community.  (Tok)
  • TikTok shares insights behind their iconic brand sound. (Tiknews)

Instagram Updates

  • Instagram is also working on an AI chatbot like Tiktok. (source)
  • Is it end of Influencing on Instagram? (wired)
  • Instagram testing a community feature for Reels, looking very similar to TikTok’s following feed. (tweet)
  • Last week someone said Algorithms are only here to help, This week IG’s recommendation feature is accused of promoting pedophile networks. (TV)

Meta News

  • Meta plans new overview for Facebook & Instagram in EU to comply with regulations. (Reuters)
  • Meta will be adding Gen AI to all their product offerings revealed by Mark zuckerberg. (FB)
  • Meta verified arrives in India, Brazil and other countries. (TC)
  • Launching WhatsApp Channels, A new innovative feature for businesses. (WA)
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s new interview with lex fridman is live now.  (Youtube) 
  • WhatsApp tests filters to make channel discovery easier. (WAbeta)

Twitter News

  • Soon only Twitter verified users will have the ability to DM non-following users.  (tweet)
  • Twitter planning to introduce video live-streaming features like Twitch & Youtube. (tweet)
  • Twitter to pay verified creators for Ads in replies. (Yahoo)
  • Twitter plans to provide email addresses of your twitter followers to move them off platform when needed. (Tweet)
  • Twitter will allow paid subscribers to edit tweets for up-to 1 hour after publishing. (blog)
  • Twitter Ad Sales are down by 59% in US. (nytimes)

YouTube Updates

  • Youtube launches members only content preview & new Youtube Shorts remix feature.  (creatorinsider)
  • Youtube is inviting Shorts creators to join the “Shorts friends community”. (blog) 

Agency News

  • Terry Crews launches a new creative agency called “Super Serious”. (LN)
  • MullenLowe agency goes through positioning change and global rebrand. (Read)
  • The D’melio family is expected to launch $20M Talent management company. (TB)
  • Mckinny named a new president, focus is heavily on Influencer marketing. (AdF)

LinkedIn Updates

  • LinkedIn launches new list of B2B features: 
        • AI copy suggestions
        • Conversation Ads in US
        • CMO scorecard.
        • Company DMs.  (LN)
  • LinkedIn testing an AI assistant for your DMs. (Nima)

Reddit News

  • Reddit’s Apollo App to shut down after pricing massacre.  (redditinc) 
  • Reddit launches new Ad offerings with keyword targeting & Product Ads. (SEL)
  • Archive your reddit data using this tool. (Xavid)

Brands News

  • Twitch removes their branded content guidelines after receiving creator backlash. (MA)
  • Warner Bros. Launches AR campaign to promote The Flash movie.   (adweek)
  • Shell is reviewing their media account. (Thdrum)
  • WWE is officially coming to Twitch. (TB) 
  • Amazon planning to launch Ads on Prime Video soon. (People)

Microsoft  Ads & Bing 

  • Microsoft will not allow new Advertisers to publish Ads without verification from August. (mAds) 
  • Bing AI voice chat comes to Desktop. (Read)
  • Microsoft Shop Ads global & other new feature revealed.  (SEL)
  • Microsoft Ads is updating its Cross-device distribution model. (MS)

AI Marketing News

  • Europe to require AI generated content labels to prevent disinformation. (Read)
  • Asana launches their new AI offering “Asana Intelligence”. (Check)

Pinterest Partners

  • Tesco media partners with Pinterest. (Read)
  • Pinterest launches next stage of Data clean rooms Trial with WayFair. (Find)

Marketing News

  • Apple’s new $3,500 VR set launch is making a huge spark within the community. (Dis)
  • Salesforce launches two new commerce & marketing GPT integrations. (Adage)
  • Mailchimp reveals a new gmail deliverability issue is causing emails to land in spam. This is for all newsletters , not limited to mailchimp. (Read) 
  • Marketing Week Launches new Business management course. (mw)




This week In Marketing: 29th May - 4th June 2023. Instagram’s Posting preference update, SEO changes & AI Content Engine Agency. A ton to discuss & adapt.


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Top 5 Updates of the Week

  • Instagram shared how their algorithm works. Spoiler: It’s 90% their 2021 blogpost with minor changes. (TV)
  • Snapchat My Snap AI: Users now have ability to send & receive AI generated images. (SEJ)
  • Reddit’s new usage based API pricing will impact many third-party apps. (Mac)
  • Meta tests removal of news content in Canada in response to Online news act. (Blog) 
  • Pinterest first platform to share their calendar for pride month & latest events. (news)

Google Search & Ad News

  • June 2023 Google Webmasters Report.  (GBlog)
  • Google rolling out multiple featured snippets feature on Desktop search. (Blog)
  • Google now treats .ai domains as generic Top-domains.  (SEL)
  • Google search console insights adds your growing content report. (SE)
  • Google modifies shopping ads policies to enhance transparency. (SEL)
  • Google Search console performance report was delayed by 65+ hours this week due to an error. (seroundtable)
  • Google Bard can now provide more precise local results. (SRL) 

Tiktok News

While trying to stay alive in US, Tiktok secrets continue to unfold and this week isn’t looking good for Tiktok.

  • Mexico city signs up a deal with TikTok to support small business marketing. (news) 
  • Tiktok launches #ForYourPride for content creation around Pride month. (news)
  • Tiktok’s 10-minute recording option within the app is back for many users. 
  • TikTok accused of storing sensitive Creator Data in China. (Forbes)

Instagram Updates

  • Instagram tests new user control for recommended posts & transparency tool. (TC)
  • The logo for Instagram’s Twitter rival App is now revealed in a leak. (dev)
  • Instagram announces video scrubbing feature for IG reels. (tweet)
  • Instagram shares a format guide for all Meta Ads Platform. (TV)

Meta News

I received comment two weeks ago about people at Meta giving up on metaverse. But news this week tells a different story.

  • Meta never gave up on metaverse, Meta Quest 3 coming this fall and price decrease for Quest 2. (FB)
  • Meta found liable as court blocks firing of moderators. (TC)
  • WhatsApp launches a security hub to showcase user control options.  (FB) 

Twitter News

  • Twitter loses two executives in-charge of Safety & Trust on the platform.  (WSJ)
  • Twitter leaves EU voluntary code of practice against disinformation. (tweet)
  • Ben & Jerry’s leave Twitter Advertising over Hate speech. (TPN)
  • Twitter’s working on hide your likes tab option. (blog)
  • Twitter ignoring hate speech created by Twitter Blue subscribers. (boing)

YouTube News

  • Youtube reverses misinformation policy to allow US election denialism.  (SL)
  • MrBeast tags big streaming services and pitches his idea of new Game Show. (IN) 
  • Viral Nation’s new product to protect companies from copyright issues. (TB)
  • Youtube adds 5.1 Surround Sound & announces new YPP terms. (Insider)

Agency News

  • Dentsu sees 2023 Ad spending up 3.3%. (Adage)
  • WPP partners with Nvidia to build an AI content engine. (Read)
  • Zoom apps marketing chief Janine Pelosi exists. (BJ)
  • Ogilvy Africa introduces InfluenceO, an Influencer marketing solution for Africa. (AdF)

LinkedIn Playbook

  • LinkedIn launched a new playbook for SaaS companies marketing on the platform. (LN)

Snapchat News

  • Snapchat launches AR Learning hub for individuals with growing interest in AR world. (newsroom) 
  • Snapchat launches sheen camera filter to Encourage LGBTQ+ creators to share their story. (Snap)


  • Reddit’s main share holder cuts down its valuation in the platform by 41%. (redditinc) 

Brand Campaign  News

  • Heinz Debuts First Global Campaign in 150 Years. (MA)
  • Unilever pledges over 70% of Ads will have disabled representatives behind the scenes.   (SEL)
  • Fentiman creates world’s longest Advert with an 168-hour film, woah. (BUK) 
  • New Created Campaign from Wendy with T-pain is blasting. (People)

Microsoft  & Bing Chat News 

  • Bing chat increases chat turns, adds visuals to travel queries and expands Bing Image creator. (SEL) 
  • Microsoft teams on Windows 11 gets discord-like communities and AI tools. (Read)
  • Bing Chat adds Anchor text hyperlinks within answers.  (SEL)
  • Microsoft introduces insights for Universal Event tracking Tags. (MS)

AI Marketing News

  • Brands are asking Influencers to utilise AI tools to improve their content practices. (Read)
  • Search Engine Land launched their own AI Chatbot based on 20,000+ previous blogs. (Check)

Pinterest News

I have observed, Pinterest’s latest platform trends & changes show signs of bran trying to capture growing interests of Gen-Z audiences.

  • Julia Brau Donnelly to join Pinterest as Chef Financial Officer. (Read)
  • Pinterest  publishes new research on how positivity drives actions at event stage of the shopping journey. (Find)

Marketing News

We have Peloton trying to adapt & grow after getting a pandemic rise & fall growth. And BeReal trying to stay above the waters in Social Media Race.

  • BeReal is testing BeRealChat for direct messaging options. (Dis)
  • Peloton goes through a rebrand, trying to recapture its audience. (brew)
  • Verizon owned Visible Brand launches a new show with creator group “Old Gays”. (Read) 
  • Oracle removes social sharing tool “Add this”. (mar)


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