Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

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Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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May 04, 2023 - 21 min read

A list of 120+ Marketing Updates In April 2023 (Bonus: 10 Free Reports)

This is a monthly recap from The Social Juice  newsletter. I tracked every single marketing & social media update/news that could impact your business in May 2023.

I hope this quick TL;DR recap will help you do better marketing & at the end. You will find 28 Marketing Reports & free resources to help you with these changes




Tiktok News

  • TikTok’s Parent Company launched a Pinterest + Instagram clone called “Lemon 8”. (zdnet)
  • Tiktok adds new major updates to its Effect House Branded Effect for Brands. (new)
  • TikTok is quietly testing an affiliate program with US creators. (Blog)
  • Advertising spend on Tiktok increased by 11% in march even with US Ban issues. (FT)
  • Tiktok to ditch “friends” tab for new type of Feed named “Explore”. (new)
  • Tiktok’s new partnership with Giphy allows you to send different type of Gifs. (afair)
  • TikTok’s CEO did a new TED talk about Tiktok & its plans. (TED)
  • Tiktok users can still upload 10-minute or longer videos but can’t record 10-minute videos within the app, that was a test. (SMT)
  • Tiktok shop, most anticipated e-commerce feature available in Beta . (SEL)

Instagram Updates

  • Instagram now lets you save posts into collections shared with friends. (Verge)
  • Instagram shared insights for businesses on handling DMs. (Post)
  • Instagram reels get new analytics & Trend Spotlight features. (Blog)
  • Meta working on new revenue sharing features for reels creators launching in upcoming months. (SMT)
  • Instagram followers are now visible to only account holders. (Story)
  • Instagram expands third party API access to Creator marketplace. (Blog)
  • Meta introduced new metrics to Page Insights API. (Devs)
  • Instagram now allows you to add up to 5 links in your bio. (DT)
  • Instagram is testing a new UGC content feature to help businesses add UGC to their profiles. (news)
  • Instagram is testing songs in Photo carousels. (TV)

Meta News

  • In April, EU users got ability to opt out of Ad Tracking on FB & IG. (Info)
  • Meta launches new inventory filter Tools for Ads on FB & IG reels. (read)
  • Meta announces new Ad Types for Retail & E-commerce advertisers. (Read)
  • Meta also expanded Access of “Share to reels API” to more developers. (FB)
  • Meta to integrate Generative AI for help with Ad Creation & targeting. (decrypt)
  • Facebook adds new video elements to Facebook marketplace. (SMT)
  • Messenger now allows you to have Video calls with ongoing multiplayer gameplay. (Read)
  • WhatsApp to allow status sharing to Facebook stories directly from app. (MC)
  • Facebook is testing “AI generated Stories” based on your previous content. (SMT)
  • Meta is recovering from Apple’s privacy changes and is back on growth tracks. (BI$)
  • Facebook shared new marketing tips through new video series “ShopTalk23”. (Read)
  • WhatsApp introduced new security features to make account security better. (WB)
  • Meta enhances audio quality for reels & video content with new development. (Engineering)
  • Meta is attracting marketers again with AI Tool Advantage+ campaigns. (Adweek)
  • WhatsApp now allows business payments in Brazil. (Blog)
  • Facebook users can now claim their part of the $725 million privacy settlement fund. (ABC)
  • WhatsApp now allows you to save “Disappearing messages” for later as bookmarks. (Blog)
  • Facebook testing a new feature to create clips from your live streams. (source)
  • Facebook’s Ad system went nuts & ate complete budgets of various customers this week. (Gizmodo)
  • Meta adds new changes to Shopping Ads, looking to provide the whole buyer journey within the app. (Blog)
  • Meta’s Animated Avatars get a new update with huge improvements, 2.0 is here. (FB)
  • Facebook Watch is sunsetting Originals as head of development and programming leaves. (TB)
  • You can now use same WhatsApp account on 5 different phones and devices simultaneously. (source)

LinkedIn Updates

  • LinkedIn announced new updates regarding feed & search + suggested posts. (Post)
  • LinkedIn partnered with CLEAR to allow account verification for free. (Verify here)
  • LinkedIn announced new updates for Audience network campaigns. (SMT)
  • LinkedIn shares new insights into its Feed algorithm. (Blog)
  • LinkedIn expands access to the company commitment search filter for Job searches. (SMT)
  • LinkedIn adds new custom CTA buttons on LinkedIn premium profiles. (SMT)

Google Search &  Ad News

  • Google Ad pushes Government documents & services policy to May 24. (Blog)
  • Google launched new “Ad transparency center” to share data about Ads users are viewing. (GB)
  • Google launches perspectives, About this author & other ways to verify information. (SEL)
  • Google Ads editor 2.3 is out with 12 new updates. (Post)
  • Google Search Console Bulk Data Import supports now multiple properties. (ser)
  • Google Ads test AI to help with Ad creation. (News)
  • Google analytics introduces Regex support for event creation. (SEJ)
  • Google to sunset 4 attribution model in Ads & Analytics. (Post)
  • Google releases April 2023 reviews update. (News)
  • Google Marketing Live registration opens. (Blog)
  • Google analytics 4 introduces “Once per session” conversion counting. (SEJ)
  • Google Ads test Verification badges. (Post)
  • Google Ads API is removing ad group and keyword forecasts. (SEL)
  • Google shares new results from the latest post-cookies Ad tracking experiment. (research)
  • Google Drops Mobile-friendly page speed, secure sites & page experience as retired ranking systems. (Blog)
  • Google Bard now has coding capabilities like ChatGPT. (SEJ)
  • 4 new Google Analytics 4 Home page features. (Post)
  • Google working on a more personalised search engine “Magi” to compete with Bing AI. (Blog)
  • Google search console adds new rich results report for “subscribed content”. (SEL)
  • Google Updates Helpful content guidance, and streamlines search console reports. (SEJ)
  • Google Analytics to show UA3 data for a year after it stops collecting data on july 1,2023. (Blog)
  • Google to add new changes to Ads policy for dangerous products & services. (SEJ)
  • Google Ads API version 13.1 now available. (SEL)

Twitter News

  • Twitter’s new API pricing structure is nightmare for many third-party Apps & enterprises. (Blog)
  • Twitter’s Feed Recommendations Algorithm is now live on Github. (Find)
  • Week 2: Twitter disabled likes & engagement features for tweets with substack links, this a move against substack notes. (TV)
  • Twitter launched new Branded Features to attract lost advertisers with visualisation of Advertising features. (Biz)
  • Twitter Blue subscribers now might see 50% fewer Ads than regular users. (SEL)
  • Elon musk did an exclusive interview with BBC discussing twitter. (BBC)
  • Twitter introduced 10,000 character tweets with text formatting for Blue Subscribers. (Source)
  • Twitter to relaunch creator monetisation program & share most of the revenue. (Elon)
  • Twitter partners with etoro, financial platform to integrate financial assets into platform. (etoro)
  • Twitter to bring back “keyword Targeting for Ads” to make its Ad platform better and more useful. (SMT)
  • Twitter to label certain tweets if they contain hateful speech & decrease reach for that content. (safety)
  • Twitter Advertising is now possible with only Twitter Blue Subscriptions. (SMT)
  • Twitter announced algorithm boosts helpful community notes by 10%. (tweet)
  • Twitter to allow publishers & bloggers to charge users on per article basis. (Source)

Youtube News

  • Youtube now allows you to manage permissions on Studio Mobile & added new super thanks feature for Youtube Shorts. (Watch)
  • Youtube Shorts will provide “Total reach” analytics showcasing how music & original audio of content is doing. (DIW)
  • Youtube introduced timed Live Reactions for streams to increase user interaction. (Watch)
  • Youtube will allow creators to add Ads on specific times during live streams & also introduced 2 other features. (creator)
  • Youtube is shutting down a shopping program it had been testing that paid creators. (BI$)
  • Youtube shared new tips on how to create for Connected TV formats. (Watch)
  • 5 new premium features introduced to Youtube. (Blog)
  • Youtube will allow creators to add CTA “Notify Me” to upcoming livestream easily & launches new Studio feature. (creator)
  • Youtube announced a new feature “product drops” for live shopping. (Youtube)
  • Youtube introduced new policies for eating-disorder-related content. (Blog)
  • Youtube shorts thumbnail available on iOS & Replying to shorts with video available now on Android. (Watch)
  • Youtube provides new information on using Music on Youtube for content without getting copyright violations. (YT)
  • Youtube launches new content series “culture & trends” to help creators discover new trends. (Youtube)
  • Podcasts now live on Youtube music and background listening is free now. (Blog)
  • Youtube studio now allows you to handle copyright actions through mobile app. (Watch)
  • Youtube unveils AI-powered Music Ads to target growing Audio loving Gen-Zs. (Read)

Pinterest News

  • The platform is working on new ways to allow users to shop in Shuffle collages. Collages are created in another Pinterest app “Shuffle”. (TC)
  • Pinterest shares new case-study of 54 Campaigns and promotes sustainability. (Read)
  • Pinterest expands creator fund its Creator Fund for underrepresented groups to five more countries. (TC)
  • Pinterest launches new security features to protect teens after major issues with content moderation. (Newsroom)
  • Pinterest announces long-term partnership with amazon Ads to add more shoppable Ads to the platform. (Blog)
  • Pinterest first Quarter 2023 results are here. (Newsroom)

Snapchat News

  • Sportradar Ad Technology set to integrate with Snapchat. (Fech)
  • Snapchat shared new insights on content sharing happening on the platform. (news)
  • Snapchat announced new integration with Rockerbox for better marketing insights. (Forbiz)
  • Snapchat provides new tips for advertisers with Do/Don’ts about Snap Ads. (Biz)
  • Snapchat expands sounds music library to more places. (newsroom)
  • Snapchat shared a list of new programs and features launched for creators during the Snap Summit 2023. (newsroom)
  • Snapchat rolls out AI Chatbot “Snap AI” to all users. (CNN)
  • Snapchat hits 3 million paid subscribers. (TC)
  • Snapchat added 8 million new users in Q1 2023 but failed to reach-revenue goals. (SMT)
  • Snapchat hatred among users increase since the launch of Snap My AI to all users. (newsroom)

Reddit Updates

  • Reddit is banning more people than ever to keep the platform safe. And to push transparency across reddit. (Engadget)
  • Reddit is now testing “share this post” prompts when someone screenshots a post or comment.
  • Reddit expands Independent Agency Program with Horizon Media & others. (Sign-up wall)
  • Reddit is updating its gender identity and Ad policies. (BC)
  • Reddit tests discord-line chat channels for sub-reddits. (tribune)

Microsoft News

  • Microsoft launches third party government services advertising pilot program. (SEJ)
  • Microsoft’s New Bing to Introduce Ads within the Chat feature. (engadget)
  • Microsoft Bing chat may share Ad revenue with publishers. (round)
  • Microsoft fixes data loss within Bing Webmasters Tool API. (SEL)
  • Microsoft Edge now have Dall-e AI image generator built-In. (PP)
  • Microsoft Ads announce new April Updates & new Services Ads features. (MS)
  • Microsoft’s integration with Roku resulted in increased Engagement across CTV and search. (MS)
  • Microsoft Ads introduces PLA extensions. (SEL)
  • Microsoft drops Twitter from its advertising platform.  
  • Bing Chat to be able to process book-size Documents. (MS)
  • Microsoft search and advertising revenue up 3.4% in Q1. (SEL)
  • Microsoft Edge caught giving data to Bing about sites you visit. (Mezha)

Advertising News

  • Heinz new marketing campaign to gather online engagement & eyeballs. (MD)
  • The grossest Ad campaign of the year so far by Cottonelle. (Watch)
  • Barbie movie launched a new AI Face filter generator to advertise the movie. (Here)
  • Netflix is doing great with new Ad-supported tiers, revenue per user is increasing but has some issues. (MD)
  • IKEA tries to capture MTV cribs nostalgia with its new campaign in the UK. (MBUK)
  • New Layoffs in Amazon’s Advertising department. (Here)
  • Google Vehicle Ads are now open to US & Canadian Advertisers. (round)
  • Disney & Spotify collaborate to promote Disney+ offerings. (MB)
  • The new Milk Ad with Aubrey plaza is causing a spark within the food industry. (BI)
  • Amazon cloud and Ads sales rise but online remains flat. (BBC)

Marketing News

  • Pepsi rebrands with new logo worth $1M+. (EU)
  • Instacart announces new “Instacart marketing solutions”. (newswire)
  • Heineken CMO explains thoughts behind $100M budget for new product line this year. (AdAge)
  • MLB unveils new approach for replay tech & marketing. (APNews)
  • Fanta is the next new brand with a new logo after Pepsi. (Info)
  • Spotify shuts down its Clubhouse competitor & ends live audio race. (TV)
  • Substack introduced twitter-like “substack notes”. (TC)
  • Ikea launches As-is service online for consumers. (Retail)
  • Hallmark finds new way of conveying its brand messaging. (Adweek)
  • Godaddy launches an AI prompt library for Small business owners. (visit)
  • Adobe announced new AI editing tools for its video marketing tools & more. (BW)
  • HBO Max’s rebrand to “Max” is making a spark. (Info)
  • Burger king is making a spark again with growth in whopper Sales. (CNN)
  • Discord finally gets voice messages. (gamer)
  • Soundcloud partners with Feature FM to provide artists with marketing tools. (MBW)
  • BIC launches new OOH Activation with Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart for the new campaign. (Info)
  • New ChatGPT plugins allow Internet browsing and other features. (SEJ)
  • Europe named brands like pinterest, Tiktok, wikipedia and 16 others that must report algorithmic risks under DSA. (TC)
  • Brave search goes solo for search indexing, ditches Bing Index. (thurrott)
  • Ikea launches small business loyalty program. (Info)
  • ChatGPT ban ends in Italy. (goodn)

Top Marketing Resources of April 2023 

  1. Harvard: New Research on how people feel about paid social media.
  2. Tools : These are the most essential digital marketing tools.
  3. Collaboration : A new report talking about state of creative collaboration in 2023
  4. SEO : A roundup of major SEO & search updates occurred in March.
  5. AI: The Content Marketing Expert “Rand Fishkin” shared insights on AI content.
  6. Guide: This new GTM guide for marketers is a must read.
  7. Reddit: The platform published transparency report to showcase user behaviour & activity.
  8. consumers : The spending within Mobile games from consumers was up 30% in Q1 2023.
  9. Paid Social: What People think about Paying for Social Media Platform Services.
  10. SEO : A new report about changes in importance of different SEO ranking factors.
  11. Adobe : The platform shared new report on Digital Trends 2023.
  12. SaaS : An Extensive Research on Best Design & Headline Examples from B2B SaaS Websites.
  13. AI: Forbes conducted a new research in AI & how Americans look at AI.
  14. Business: How 3-star reviews impact online businesses.
  15. LinkedIn : A new report suggesting best LinkedIn Ad practices.
  16. Ad Spend: A new report on upcoming Ad spending predictions about Tiktok & others.
  17. Social Media: Amazon & other partners publish new data on social media & audio.
  18. Youtube: A new study on Youtube Shorts Algorithm.
  19. Marketing: A collection of marketing slides from the Brighton SEO event from this week.
  20. LinkedIn: The platform published a new B2B buyer report for marketers.
  21. Marketing: A new report from Gartner showcasing Marketing decisions made recently in a slow market.
  22. Social Media : Hubspot shared its yearly State of social media report in partnership with Brandwatch.
  23. Data: How To Get your audience to give you data for marketing.
  24. TikTok: A new guide from TikTok to help you run better creator/influencer campaigns on the platform.
  25. TV: A report on State of viewership and how Tiktok is influencing it.
  26. Advertising: A guide to paid Google Ads published by Anya Gildner.
  27. Video : A new interview with Justin Halsall talking about using video for marketing purposes.
  28. Trends: Pinterest’s new Wedding Trends Report 2023 in partnership with Zola.
  29. Media Business: I loved this analysis of where media world is heading.


Best Paid Report of the April: 

ChatGPT and Generative AI for Social Media Marketing

Social media managers and their agency partners who are responsible for social marketing are able to quickly develop content for a long list of platforms and navigate ever-changing rules and tools. Of the responsibilities these managers face, generative AI could help most with brand marketing, creative development, and customer service. The most promising use cases for the tools are in kick-starting the creative process, creating assets, and repurposing content.

However, when navigating this new technology, there are limitations to keep in mind prior to a full rollout. Generative AI is not plug-and-play and requires training as well as a great deal of oversight. It also won’t resolve the biggest pain points of keeping up with evolving formats, new platforms, and algorithm changes. Additionally, due to the negative perception from consumers, it is unlikely that they will be receptive and trusting of generative AI use in social media.

Since this technology is evolving quickly, some companies feel like they’ll be left behind if they

don’t experiment. Want to learn more about actionable steps for brand-side social media leaders and the agencies that support them? Click here to purchase this report directly from Insider Intelligence.