Tiktok & Instagram Safe Zone Templates + Usage Guide 2023

Like button isn’t visible. I am always screaming this when someone asks why they are getting a huge amount of views on Tiktok. But the engagement is down. The biggest reason remains not paying attention to Tiktok & Instagram Reels UI.

The user interface of both Apps have tiny engagement buttons. Even though they aren’t tiny for many users, most people tend to forget they had to like the video.

This happens to me all the time on reddit. Link to my newsletter is always there but people still ask where is it? That happens. Because of that, for all social media platforms I have my vault of safe zone templates.


On LinkedIn & Twitter, Safe Zone templates are more text focused. But Instagram & TikTok Reels have both text & video safe zone templates.


Tiktok Safe Zone Template & Examples

There could be chances you don’t need a safe zone template. Many creators & businesses on TikTok are naturally creating safe zone friendly content.


    1. Jules Terpak- Her Videos always have a black background and that helps very well with users seeing the
    2. Sun Yi, Night Owls - This creator also uses very similar structure to Jules Terpak but there isn't a background. Only how well the text is aligned in the organic video.
    3. Colin and Samir - The creator economy OGs also have a great style to always have video design that doesn't bother the ideal TikTok or YouTube shorts viewer.


Yes the examples I gave you are from high level creators and they have the production to do what they want. If you are like me with a small budget and crappy video skills. I have the quick insights ready for you.


First, Always observe the videos you love and the ones that annoy you. To build a better user experience for others. You have to always check your own experience. That's what good UI/UX designers do to build experience. As a creator yourself, you should care about the viewer experience. Second, I would suggest to make sure your video isn’t too bright that makes the users scroll faster. As they might be watching at night or are usually afraid of too much light. I fall into this category, a video with high brightness makes me scroll and skip to next video.


Now, Coming to the easy part where you can download the TikTok Safe Zone Template and overlay the template over your Tiktok videos in Capcut editor:

TikTok Safe Zone Template

(Click or Hold to see the download option.)


Alternative TikTok Safe Zone Hack


You can create a transparent box with size: 258 x 926 pixel format and overlay it over the Tiktok Caption & Profile name size of the video.


And for the engagement tab (likes, comments & Shares) create a transparent box with size: 177 x 1254 pixels. Do the same as you did with the first box, and overlay this 177 x 1254 px box over the TikTok engagement tab.


And you are good to go even without needing a template.  Create two images in These formats and use it everytime you edit a TikTok video.

Instagram Safe Zone Template

Well, Instagram Tab is slightly thinner than TikTok engagement tab. But the important to remember is how long captions show up on your video.


On TikTok, Clicking on the Caption, You can also access to see captions like this:

An image showing how tiktok captions tab looks like

Source: My Screenshot


You can assume this enhances the reading ability & experience of the users. On Instagram, A long caption majority of time covers the video. And if your video is too bright & visualisation is pretty heavy in the content. The user experience can get worse. That’s why always try to make sure your long caption & video style don’t ruin the viewership.

Moving Back, Here is your Instagram Safe Zone Template. Just a little thin on the engagement tab:


Instagram safe zone template

(Click or Hold to download)


Alternative Hack:

You can create a 435 x 1000 pixel Transparent Box to overlay the Instagram captions tab. And a thin rectangle for engagement tab with size: 155 x 805 pixels.

Save these two boxes as images and overlay on your next Instagram reels to always have perfect Instagram reels.

Youtube Shorts Safe Zone Template


Title didn’t say Youtube? Take it as a bonus. If you are creating TikTok or Instagram Reels content, you should be repurposing content to Youtube. I always say squeeze the social juice out of your every single piece of content. Because your hard work shouldn’t end at posting. You need more than that to grow your following or business.

With that, Here is your Youtube Safe Zone Template:


Youtube safe zone template

(Click or hold to download)


Alternative Hack:

Create a 243 x 926 pixel size transparent box for the caption side of  Youtube Shorts. Then, You need to create a transparent rectangle box with dimensions: 164 x 1148 pixels for Engagement tab.

Save them as images and overlay on your Youtube Shorts. Everytime you create content.

But Why do you need Safe Zone Template?

I will say your Short-form content success doesn’t start with finding a template to increase the probability of a user engaging with your content. It starts at you understanding Tiktok marketing and create what people on Tiktok what to see.


Same with Instagram, First Understand the marketing part and then find what people want to see on Instagram. That also applies to Youtube & Pinterest where short-form content is also taking place.


Engagement tatics only work when you understand the dynamics of the platform & do the market research about why people exist on TikTok, not on IG.


Then, Use these Safe zone templates to enhance your ordinary content to 99.9% golden content. To achieve that, You need guidance and constant idea of how these short-form content apps are changing.


Sounds hard, It’s easier than ever. I have a newsletter that helps businesses and marketers to keep up with everything social media & the best practices. You got your templates, it is time to learn the best strategies.




How Airrack (Eric Decker) Broke Youtube Algorithm

Airrack, I can talk about him for hours. About how he grew to become one of the best Youtube creators in the world. 


Why? Because the Youtube algorithm did what it does best. Track my other internet activities on Google. 


When I first discovered Airrack aka Eric Decker. I finished watching Stranger Things for the first time. A few days later Youtube recommended a guy visiting Hawkins Lab & the town in stranger things. 


Guess Who was that guy? (Cringe) Airrack and I've subscribed since that day to his Youtube channel. 


From the start of his journey to this day, I have monitored his growth as an Influencer strategist and Fan. Making me eligible for breaking down what worked for him and what didn’t. 


And what you can take away from his journey to build your audience on Youtube. And also his friend Mack, the videography brain behind Airrack. 


Often forgotten to credit videographers help creators a lot to create better content.  

First, Who is Airrack? 


Airrack’s real name is Eric David Decker and from the start known for his Youtube entertainment channel. 

Now, his goal & business is bigger than being a Youtuber. Eric Decker, Airrack is now running Creator now, a membership business for creators. 


Eric Decker teaches upcoming and new creators everything about running a content creation business in Creator now. And he also invites major creator leaders to teach alongside him. Creators like Colin and Samir, Ryan Trahan + Editors behind Logan Paul & Sidemen Videos share their knowledge within the creator's community. 


Airrack is currently paving the way for upcoming creators while building his audience while living in North Carolina. 


Eric Decker’s Youtube channel Airrack currently has 13.5 million subscribers & he posts occasionally these days. 


But we’re here to break down how he grew to this huge number of subscribers and why it wasn’t easy. But his creator & video strategies will live forever: 


Build Better & Steal Audiences 


I have talked about things like originality doesn’t exist or it is very hard to discover. Many times the original content you love is just creative. 


Creators don’t need to be original. They need to be creative like Eric Decker (Airrack). 


Because it took MrBeast years to build his niche, a similar situation with Markilpier, Pewdiepie. 

The challenge of being original comes up with a price, you have to embrace changes & be consistent to build your authority. 


To grow faster like Airrack, what creators need is creativity to get inspired and create better content than original creators. 


First Discovery: Airrack creatively stole attention from the viral show “Stranger Things” to steal the audience of that show. The commonality here was a review of that show, creativity was to showcase more of what the audience already liked. 


Well-working Strategy to steal attention from entertainment-loving audiences. 


Second Discovery: Logan Paul was a daily vlogger in the past. But when Airrack was coming up into Youtube, he was less active and his audience wasn’t seeing more of him. But Logan was still in creator news and doing numbers. 


At that time, Airrack’s audience stealing strategy again worked well. Stealing the attention of Logan's audience. 


Airrack showed more of Logan Paul on his channel for some time compared to Logan’s youtube channel. By creating a series around buying Logan's couch and showing what he did with his couch over a series of videos. 


Making Logan Paul fans visit the Airrack channel to watch the content. And knowing  Airrack’s content quality I can confirm that the stolen audience converted into Airrack fans after watching a few videos. 


Third Discovery: David Dobrik was one of the biggest artists when Airrack was trying to break into the Youtube space. After I saw a clear relationship with Logan Paul from Airrack, I saw him sneaking into the network of David Dobrik. 


The first video from Airrack with David Dobrik took off fast and he gained a set of new subscribers from that video. Was that a genius idea? 


It was not something that creators should take away from Airrack’s start. Why? Because it was Airrack hustling to build his own identity off existing Youtube figures. 


What you should take away from Airrack’s start is finding a gap in the market. All of these creators were not doing storytelling content, Logan wasn’t actively vlogging. He found a great market loop to build stories around loving figures on Youtube. 


Airrack knew he was working to put a story together and how he did do that? Through Content Series. 


Airrack Premieres Next Monday


90% of the Youtube content is engaging yet, Audience doesn’t have a reason to revisit the youtube channel. PewdiePie, One of the biggest YouTubers in the world gets a lower number of views than Airrack. Pewdiepie is only one example, it is very hard to break the Youtube algorithm and reach your existing audience consistently. 


The algorithm tries its best, and you reach your subscribers but the ratio is always too little. What Airrack did was simple, remind his audience & algorithm about the next piece of content. 

Going back to Logan, Airrack did a content series around his couch and he reminded the audience & me in that piece of content that he doesn’t know what will happen next with the couch. 


The couch series had more than 6 videos built around Logan Paul and his couch. Airrack was giving Logan’s audience more coverage like Logan was doing a TV show on HBO. 


Airrack built a story around him. Making his audience stay tuned and gaining new audiences. 


The practicality of this strategy: 


First, A content series launched on a specific day like an Apple TV show release. Gives the audience time to talk about it and builds the anticipation to watch the video on the day of launch. 


Second, An established Youtube creator is a new niche on Youtube. Ongoing conversations are going around the creator. What Airrack did was target the logan Paul niche and attract those audiences. 

Logan Paul on the other hand is targeting another niche of lifestyle & entertainment. His content other than him is pushed to audiences interested in those niches. 

By targeting logan paul, Airrack built his audience & niche at the same time through logan paul & David Dobrik's content series. If you ask Airrack, he wouldn’t describe this way as his first instincts were seeing his future audience hidden in Logan Paul’s existing audience. 


But what I am describing is that  Algorithm works like this when you implement this strategy vs regular strategy: 

Your content without a Viral factor -> Posting a lot of times to build your niche authority -> With time Youtube rewards you to grow your audience. 

A visual depicting Youtube Creator journey

Your content with a viral factor like Logan or a Youtube established figure -> Reaches that niched creator audience -> Creator Audience matches interests of your overall niche -> You build a faster audience with niche validation & creator exposure at the same time. 

A sketch visual depicting journey to viral youtube career


A little complex I agree, and, you can view the content strategy flow broken down visually below: 

Goal Gradient effect 


I opened my psychology books and realized how Airrack used one of my favorite psychology hacks to make me share his Youtube channel in 2020 with all of my friends. Yes, marketers have friends too! 


What is the Goal Gradient Effect? 


Goal Gradient Effect proves that the closer we are to our goals the more motivated we’re to move faster. To achieve them! 


That is the reason why a lot of businesses and restaurants have stamp cards making you come more often. And get that Free meal, coffee, or Chicken bucket! 

How Airrack used Goal Gradient Effect? 


When Airrack started posting in 2020, he set a goal of gaining 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. And he shared his goal at the end of every video or in between the video. He was indirectly practicing this psychology hack, by reminding the audience of how he is slowly moving towards his goal of 1 million subscribers. 

This act of reminding his audience about his goals made them hooked on his journey. And Airrack also got more and more referral traffic coming to his Youtube channel through people sharing his channel with family and friends. 


And by the end of the year, this goal gradient effect had a mindblowing effect on Airrack’s channel growth. I remember when he was near his goal, one of his fans from Bulgaria drove 30,000 new subscribers to his channel. To me and anyone amazing. 


But I got to experience this effect in real-time happening when Airrack was Live streaming on an Island until he reached 1 million Youtube subscribers. 


It could have taken another 24 or 48 hours to achieve that goal of Airrack, but live streaming the goal and showing his live presence to the audience. Helped him achieve that goal faster than predicted. 

Practical Insight: 


It takes a very long time for creators to learn what their personal brand stands for and what they need to do to achieve that 1M mark. 

You can’t achieve 1 million youtube subscribers by telling them you want to achieve that goal. First.m, you have to share what you want to achieve that goal for and what it means to you. 


During the Livestream, everyone saw Eric Decker & Mack’s  Youtube journey. How many efforts were made to reach this goal of 1M followers? 


Today, many Youtubers have achieved 1M subscribers quickly and easily through virality & Youtube Shorts. They don’t have the influence & love of an audience like Airrack. 


Use this goal gradient effect to make your audience come along your journey but make that journey meaningful. Not about achieving the numbers. 


Another Youtuber that very practically and meaningfully used this Effect was Ryan Trahan, his “penny challenge” helped him build a quick and meaningful audience like Eric Decker by sharing his goal. 

Creative Remix & Split


In a Youtube Interview with Jon Youshaei, Airrack revealed a very unknown secret and a strategy used by Humans for years. But often forgotten or not loved. 


Watching Airrack, I was very familiar with the power of collaborations on Youtube. And in this interview, Airrack confirmed that collaboration is the key! 


He shared that he has a group called “The Creative Allegiance”, basically a group of creative people pitching him content ideas. And they get paid a share of the revenue from Youtube Adsense revenue through a tool called Stir. 


I loved this, because as someone who also gets paid for his Influencer campaign ideas. I was very happy to see that this style of creative team exists on the creator side too. On the business &  Agency side, this is very common. 


It is no secret that big creators like MrBeast are either paying for the ideas or relatively spending time searching for those ideas on Reddit or Twitter. 


Either way, you have to spend a considerable amount of value on ideas to get the value back. And when you’re ready to pay for creative Ideas, I’m also available as a creative strategist! 

Why I say Creative Remix 


While Creators like Airrack & MrBeast are paying for ideas, many are stealing their approach. And it is common, your ideas will be stolen. Because you stole it from someone else. 


Every single piece of media is a creative remix of ideas from the past. It is all based on whether can you see the roots of an idea. 


If you can, Is the creator crediting their idea to the existing video idea? Now, the intent is becoming important. 


Everyone steals, It is all about intent. You should always be open to crediting someone for their ideas. They can credit their inspiration to the previous creator. 


Crediting each other’s work is healthy as nothing original exists. Either your one idea is too mixed up with your other ideas, or you don’t know the source of your Youtube video idea. Or you know the source of an Idea. 


In the first situation, whether you credit or not it is ok. Because your intent is neutral or positive. In the 

Second, it is important to credit the source. 


Everything is a remix, don’t be afraid to steal. Be responsible to pay it back or forward. 


Remember the Hustle 


Yes, I got disconnected from the Airrack world. After he achieved that goal, I was occasionally watching his content, but not regularly. 


But I remember his struggle, In his early videos you can watch him & Mack waking up early. Doing editing and dropping new content, by the time one video was up, they were already hustling toward making the next best video. 


He worked with Logan Paul, David Dobrik, and later MrBeast. And two of those names are not well-respected by the creator economy for various reasons. But Airrack always maintained his brand image and distanced himself from these creators on a personal level. 


Showing who Airrack is! He looks at Youtube both as a passion & business. Reading this breakdown, you can take away that you need to fully hustle your way into Youtube & show your story. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, start with what resources you have as Airrack did, and show what matters to people. Your average youtube viewer doesn’t need to see the whole story. The best movies you watch aren’t the longest ones. 


You can share what you have in a short audience message & begin your journey. And I know you have already started, I would say it is never too late. I’m a marketer & creator, working on both sides of the business. You will thank yourself for allowing your mind to pivot & share your new message with the audience. 

Your message & Actions represent your hustle. Not 1000 videos on your Youtube channel. 

Best Of Airrack 


This Youtube Video of Airrack cycling on Ice appeals to me and story lovers the most. Why? Because the idea is very well executed and Airrack bringing the new character Fidias to a one-time adventure is the breaking moment for a new viewer of the channel. 

The Timely Content: This Stealing David Dobrik’s Girlfriend video & Stranger Things Video were uploaded with a time sensitivity as both were the hype at that specific period. And had searches going on the Internet about both of these topics. These will get a view drop if dropped today & Airrack had less than 1M followers. 


But for creators and brands too, Keep track of trends through websites like Google Trends or Exploding Topics. And be ahead of the curve like Airrack for future content creation. 

The Curiosity Content: Breaking 100 Laws in 24 Hours is one of the best videos from Airrack. Because there is a curiosity gap between Viewer and the video. They have no clue about the next law airrack will break in the video. That gap keeps them hooked. Not a story content to build the trust of your audience, but attention content helps to gain more new audiences. 


If Airrack Changes 


I’m on a personal goal of educating creators about building an audience and monetizing their audience. I also educate the brand about working with creators and paying them what they deserve. 


In case, anything changes with Airrack, MrBeast, your favorite creator, and Youtube. You can count on me, I run a weekly newsletter about social media & marketing. You can subscribe to it, I’m close to 19 subscribers away from reaching 10k newsletter readers. 


Haha! Trying to Use the goal gradient effect on you. 


Thanks for the reader, You can read my previous breakdown on MrBeast. The next one is on a creator with starting letter E.

How To Write Viral Titles like Mr.Beast

We have been told not to judge a book from its cover. But the reality is that this bias only works if we are provided context regarding the something and we still don’t show interest. 

When you have absolutely 0 context about a book or piece of content like Youtube Video. Your Title Matters! 

That’s why you need to learn secret to craft better Titles for your social media posts & Youtube Videos. 

Use of I & You in Your Title

When you use “I” in the title you are building curiosity and relation with your audience. Because the title is introducing what you did and people interested more in your persona will like it. 

And that helps in community building & strengths the relation with your audience. 

Mr.Beast’s most viral videos with around 250M views include “I” in them putting him in context with something crazy. 

That builds the relation with his audience because MrBeast = crazy stuff. 

Using You (Target Audience) or “X person” in the video title attracts new audiences because now it’s about them. 

If you watch Mr.Beast’s early content, he is using “Pewdiepie” & “Logan Paul” in context to steal their audiences because he was relevantly small compared to them. 

That type of title builds audience focused on other people or a general audience helps to channel growth for his own community. 

Using Factors In Youtube Title Endings 

The ending words of your title are game changing because where the sentence reading time ends. They click on your video! 

There are many factors used in Youtube video titles to build that hype to click & watch: 

First is Time frame, mentioning a time frame in your title gives people an idea of what they will find in the video. 

Like “I survived 50 hours buried alive” that gives context about they are going to watch a time lapse of how the hours went during that time. 

Another example would be “Learn basics of Marketing In 10 Minutes only” that gives users a lot to consider watching your videos. 

Second is List structure, To mention a list of things they will learn in the video. This framework used by some of the biggest channels like watchmojo, nectar, jubliee & many others. 

Mentioning a number factor about X amount of things in the video makes people feel they get more in less time. 

Third is possession factor, what they will get out of the video. Used by fitness coaches, finance related channels and many others. 

It’s about mentioning in your title what the audiences gets out of the video or your content. Will they do better at finance, business or marketing? 

Will they have a better understanding of X topic? 

You have to mention these factors in the video to make them understand the value the video holds. 

For example: “10 YouTube Tips to make you a better youtuber” - You will be better at YouTube at the end of the video. 

Context like this in video plays an important role in building trust. But remember don’t overpromise in a title! 

Study your Video & Find Desire 

Overall the secret to writing best title like MrBeast is within your video. 

Understanding how your audience will feel after watching the video & what desire your content fulfilled of X audience. 

When you know the desire fulfilled in it, you will be able to write the title that attracts your ideal audience. 

Because desire based titles attract the audience faster and you can never go wrong with them. 

Now, are you ready to write your next viral title to become like MrBeast?

I think you’re right but remember you have to keep up with latest social media trends & changes. To do that, scroll a little & subscribe to get alerts about latest social media changes & resources to help you! 

7 Growth Secrets To Scale Your YouTube Channel

Hey I’m Jaskaran, I have worked with some of the best YouTube Creators and YouTube Analytics companies like VidIQ and agencies to help businesses scale their business.

I will share my whole process from getting on average less than 5k Views on their YouTube videos to landing more than 10k-20k views per day on my clients channels. These YouTube Tips and growth tactics apply to all niches to scale their community and build a YouTube brand.

1. How Algorithm Chooses Content to Show new Audiences

Youtube Algorithm’s most important Job is to pick up a piece of content that appeals to a broad audience and it can keep a large amount of audience hooked for a particular amount of time.

The algorithm is getting 1000s of new content pieces every minute. A lot of people share a false propaganda that algorithm doesn’t push content because they want more people to use Ads. But the reality is you need to understand size of your niche and your content scope in the beginning to a Make sure the Algorithm pushes it to a wider audience from start.

That’s why keep your content Centered toward bigger audience and latest YouTube trends to have better chance of YouTube picking your latest content and recommending it.

2. Segmenting Your Content For 3 Type of Viewers

You need to target different set of keywords with your content to reach three different type of viewerships. You have optimize your videos for YouTube SEO and it’s not just putting keywords in your video Descriptions.

First approach should be targeting questions and keywords searched by most beginners and new audiences to your niche. In practice, Graham Stephan is talking about A strategy on how to grow your stock portfolio during recession. He will segment that part of the video under the big idea of “what to do during recession” which will lead him to a bigger audience asking a simpler question with a strong appeal.

Targeting these Broad Keywords with descriptions and Titles is one of the key thing.

2. Build up another set of keywords to target audience that’s already curious about Your niche. You should align those keywords or segments during the middle of the video because you will start by serving a beginner with your content in starting and if its a curious amateur. You retain him in the middle of your video with questions in talks or trends occurring in the industry.

I always segment the middle part for an amateur audience searching trending queries because they are active in the niche. This helps in attracting audience from YouTube & Google Search as these are latest queries with a growth in search trend. That’s why target amateur keywords in your niche.

3. Targeting Keywords with low-search for better conversions. Small search queries about a topic leads to easier conversions from viewer to subscribers but the content appeal is too small. But building a set of keywords with low search volume is necessary and helps you to build a Product friendly audience. You should target these keywords with your conversations in the end of the video where you give them the most value to stay for more content or buy into your product.

Now, at the end don’t just push these keywords into descriptions or titles. Try to integrate them into your video content as AI is developing and also YouTube extract keywords from Automated Captions.

3. Learn How To Steal Audiences by talking on Better topics

One of the best YouTubers you see currently converting their audiences into their product consumers are the one’s that stole existing audiences of other YouTubers.

• Mr.Beast Saying Logan Paul’s name for more than 1000 times.

• A Video Editor releasing a Video on Sidemen to steal their Best Audience.

• Gaming Creators hoping on new Games to steal the attention of users of that game.

You need to learn how to steal Someone else’s audience. First, find where your content vision aligns with a competitor or a potential big YouTube channel in your niche. Try to add the element of that big YouTube channel into your videos if both of your channels have an aligned content.

When the audiences will see a common point, you will start attracting the other creators audience. It doesn’t have to be creator. A big name in your niche and a piece of content aligned toward the brand and a broad issue works the best to get search queries related to that brand point toward your brand or YouTube Channel.

4. Distribute your Content & have a schedule

You should never make your subscribers feel like you are being irrelevant with your content due to slow posting. That’s why distribute your old content pieces as YouTube Shorts and move your audiences to other platforms to keep them updated about your business.

Breaking down your content into pieces and redirecting the audience from places like Pinterest, IG and Tiktok to YouTube is a must for a long term success as it helps in getting the YouTube community together for better long term growth.

5. Guide Your Audiences to Your Existing Content

Try to always guide your audience to existing content rather than using tactics like “Subscribe for more” and “pushing likes and shares”. Interlink every next video to your videos to keep the maximum retention across all your pieces of content.

Interlinking your YouTube Content building a better personal experience for your viewership should be your best priority.

YouTube Creators like Colin and Samir are always sharing their previous clips in future videos to make the new viewers tune into their best content. You can watch their videos and learn how to replicate that for your YT channel.

6. Writing Better Titles and Crafting Best Thumbnails

Writing better Titles every time boils down to different tactics, according to the subject of your video. But here’s few key elements of writing a great title!

1. Curiosity - Building up a short story in your title to build up the curiosity.

2. Time Frame - Using Time Frames in your Titles help viewers to build assumptions and insights they will have by the end of the video.

3. Authority- Using Authority building Words or names in your Titles will help you to increase the click-through-rate.

4. Desire - Sometimes try to keep it simple and try to fulfil your audience’s desire with a simple title.

5. Negativity/ Positivity - Try to show your video messaging through your Titles like it will help, fix your mistakes, expose your problems. A negative and positive messaging is important.

For Thumbnails, Try to focus on giving more than context, that’s what title does. You should fuel their imagination with your Thumbnail designs. Making them understand the visual elements of the video just by seeing your thumbnail. I am going to do analysis of my favorite Thumbnails, You can subscribe here to read it.

7. Youtube Tips You Should Never Forget

1. Study your Best YouTube Video Insights & Track your video retention rate.

2. Utilise Some of the well know marketing tools like VidIQ, Tubebuddy and do Market research for your niche from time to time.

3. Network within your niche on other platforms, and do content partnerships.

4. Having Subtitles and utilising your subtitles for other languages to reach a higher number of audience is a must.

5. Developing a content schedule that you Keep up with without going irrelevant.

6. Surveying your Audience through Community Posts.

At last, YouTube adds new-to-new features, algorithm changes and launches new resources. You can subscribe below and receive YouTube Growth tips and social media trend alerts!