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May 18, 2023 - 2 min read

Tiktok Facing Ban in Montana, First state to ban the App

Last month, there was new information regarding Montana, US banning the app. And to make their state more secure from Data stealing &the spying from the Chinese Communist Party.


The news came in today about Tiktok getting completely banned In Montana. The new bill will take effect In January. The users and tiktok have the next few months to enjoy the content.



After taking effect in January, Users will have no abiliry to access the app. And Tiktok will be prohibited from app stores. In case app stores & Tiktok does not take down the app, the state will fine them $10k per violation per day.



While Governor and Republican party stands for their statement of protecting their state citizens from China. Many see this ban as acting against the act of free speech in the US. And Frethe e-speech advocates in US are releasing tweets and statement against this new bill.



With all this, Tiktok also released the statement. That they will fight against this new bill to protect their users in US and montana. Reassuring the users that their is no need to delete the app. Promoting the continuous usage of the app in Montana.



Covering other social media news and trends, past two weeks many creators & businesses were back to normal. Not stressing about a Tiktok US Ban.



But with the first Ban kicking in and discussions of Republicans & Democrats having identical views on Tiktok Ban. The case could get stronger in upcoming months.



But as with Tiktok Montana Ban, the bill will take about 6-8 months to come into effect. Other bans will also take a similar time frame.



And this FOMO is causing a spike in user engagement on Tiktok. And Brands on Tiktok are spending more money on advertising & creators. The Ad spend grew around 11% in march during all the US ban conversations.



And now Tiktok is expanding their creator monetisation projects & e-commerce features. The app development is also going fast to make sure the key people of platform, businesses and Creators stand for them.



+ Tiktok’s CEO looks like a full-time content creator now with all the public videos he is doing.


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