Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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May 17, 2021 - 11 min read

37 Tweet Ideas To Go Viral On Twitter

Anything can go viral on Twitter, But these tweet ideas are the one that 90% of time goes viral!

These Ideas work for anyone, no matter what you post on Twitter on regular basis. You can add a little twist of you in these tweets.

Let's get into what to tweet to get viral!

1. Share a Life Hack

Twitter People love to read life hacks, they want to know how that life hack can save their time or better something.

2. Make a Prediction

Predictions can always go viral. Especially, these days everyone is predicting when will dogecoin hit $1 or Bitcoin will go back to $60k. A lower or close prediction always catch the eyes!

3. Share a Resource

If you know a website or a resource that can help people you need to tweet about it. Recently, my friend shared a resource on his Twitter, her tweet got whooping 25k+ likes.

Sharing a valuable resource is like sharing a valuable tweet!

4. Ask a question

It's a great way to interact with your audience and to have opinion of your audience on a certain topic.

The type of questions that go viral are the one that resonate with your audience or with your industry.

Also, tagging a specific person can also help you get more engagement became many famous reply to tweets like this!

5. Debunk a myth

There are lots of myths in the world. Tweet and debunk one of them and tell people the reality.

You can debunk any myth but it will only go viral if your audience resonate with it. So, think of a myth that keeps revolving around Twitter and debunk it!

6. Share a personal win

Most of the time, Twitter is full of negativity and people are cancelling everything. But make it a little positive by sharing a win.

Tweets sharing an achievement like "I got a job" gets more Engagement than normal tweets. So, if you had amazing day or a moment remember to share it on Twitter!

7. Invite Followers To Introduce Them

These type of tweets helps you build deep connection with your audience.

You can also invite them to tell what they are working on or to recommend you something. Best reason to tweet this, more comments!

8. Share a meme

Lighten the mood with a great meme you think will make people laugh!

Also, use trending meme templates to get more eyes on the tweet.

9. Tweet Something Motivational

An insightful quote can make people feel motivated and retweet it. Recently, I saw a random quote went from 10 to 5,000 likes.

Isn't it amazing? Feel motivated and motivate someone to go viral!

10. Share Your Favorite Books

This is a must do tweet idea, people like me always look for book recommendations from people I admire or my followers.

If you are like me, I recommend you one book, right now- "Unscripted".

11. Tweet your progress

Many people document their progress on Twitter.

There are Accounts dedicated to documenting Weight loss, Bitcoin and other stuff. So, why not you start sharing your progress!

12. Tweet a reminder

I always remind my followers to love yourself.

Every one need to be reminded of something. Tweet what you are going to remind your followers of.

13. Share An Article

Always share something you liked and helped you.

By the way, at the end if this article helped you out with having new ideas to tweet, you know what to do!

14. Give a shoutout

Always recommend Accounts that you love to your Followers.

Many Creators give shoutout to each other on fridays. This helps them to grow together as a community.

15. Run a Twitter Poll

I always use Twitter pools to ask my followers about upcoming posts, like should I post them tommorow or not.

You can run Twitter Poll for literally anything, but twitter polls hardly get viral. So, I don't recommend it if you an intention to make it viral!

16. Retweet Your Best Post

The tweet that performed the best, retweeting that is not a bad idea!

When I retweeted my best tweet it got pretty good engagement but not as high the original one got!

17. Tweet A Video

Tiktok videos are going viral on every platform. So, it's a good idea to share your or someone's tiktok on Twitter.

18. Do an AMA

Invite your followers to ask you anything. I always do that once a month, many people will have questions for you.

Like, my followers always ask me how I grew my Following on Twitter.

19. Share how to do something

Teach people how to do something that you Know or your followers may not.

These type of tweets work well for high Engagement and to know that if your audience is interested in that topic.

18. Share a Review

You had a great experience or bad it doesn't matter you can reach a million people with your review.

Many Businesses love and fear reviews as they can build their reputation or destroy. So, share a review no matter what's your take you can probably gi viral.

19. Wish Somebody Happy Birthday

Make someone's day by wishing happy birthday. But how to do it? Search for #happybirthday and wish a random person!

20. Tweet Something Interesting about your home town

This one is great, I will go first. In my hometown, no one knows about Beyonce.

21. Tweet out link to a sub-reddit

There are a list of amazing sub-reddits on Reddit. Share the one you like, if you use reddit you know there is sub-reddit for anything you can imagine!

22. Discuss Your Worst Experience

What's yours worst experience? Everyone have one, so take out your time and discuss it on Twitter with your audience.

23. Do a giveaway

People love free things, and tweets like this can get more likes and retweets then your last 30 tweets. Do it once a month, to gain some new followers very fast.

24. Participate In Throwback Thursdays

Share memories from past that you love. Every Thursday, millions of people participate and share their memories, why not this time you do that!

25. Share a Small Business

In these hard times, small businesses need your Support. So, why not you just tweet about a business you know is not doing great and people should Support them.

I always do that, and it doesn't matter how much followers you have a support is always admired.

26. Share Your Twitter Stats

Many people like to share their stats and they get pretty decent engagement but I don't why. But give it a try!

27. Tweet about your daily routine

Most people follow a person because of who they are and they love to know more about them. So, sharing your daily routine is a good tweet idea!

28. Roast Someone

Roasting is a great idea, many people roast actors or their friends on Twitter. This helps you build a stronger bond with your audience.

You can also roast things that you don't love, seriously this is a great idea to have fun on Twitter.

29. Tweet about a local talent

Talent is everywhere, tweet about a talented person that you know and needs to get recognized by the internet world through Twitter.

30. Explain Something

Tweet and explain something that people need to understand. We always try to explain something that people never understand, but your tweet can make someone does understand.

31. Reshare Your Tweet

Don't worry if your best tweet didn't go viral. Resharing your tweet is like giving it another chance, must try it once if you shared your best in that tweet.

32. Introduce Yourself Again

If you have gained some new followers, it's a great time to introduce yourself again to your audience.

33. Thanks Someone For Following You

This type of tweet really helps you out to start a great relationship with that follower.

34. Share a failure

Don't be afraid to share your failures, failures teach us more than success. So, tweet your failure and teach someone new lessons.

35. Share Your Weekend Plans

What's you doing this weekend? Share that with your Followers and ask them what they will be doing.

36. Tweet a picture of your workspace

I have a messed up workspace, but a minimalistic workspace can go viral on Twitter as minimalism is the trend nowdays.

37. Share your other social media accounts

Forward your Twitter audience to other platforms that you use and post actively.

Tool you need for more ideas

Whattotweet is a great tool for generating tweet ideas with examples. There are many tools dedicated to content ideas but this tool is specially made to generate ideas for Twitter.


I hope these tweet ideas will help you out on Twitter to go viral. I can't guarantee that you will go viral, but all these ideas are based on viral tweets that I found. So, you all have a chance to go viral with these ideas.