Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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July 05, 2023 - 3 min read

Winning consumer trust through Framing Effect

If I showed you my kitchen, You will know why I live on the cleaning side of TikTok. I have binge-watched many videos about cleaning but one kitchen hack comes back again and again.


Using Baking soda & Lemon instead of Dishsoap or Kitchen Spray.


In the consumer mind, they trust this cheeky hack more than a packaged product. Even though that supermarket product is better than the lemon hack.


Why it works is very simple? It is how different products & Ideas are framed to us.



First: When we see the lemon hack, our mindset is that dishsoap never works well. May be I should take control and try something myself. You take the control and start using lemon + baking soda. Now without realizing it, you are spending more power on proving yourself right than having a bright solution.

You could have achieved the same results with dish soap with that amount of work. But you like to think you were right, it works. And the same consumer mindset exists in most people.


Second: Have you watched the Joy by Jennifer lawernce? It is a movie built around a women selling a kitchen mop.



100s of kitchen mop, every single one of them looks the same. Regular TV broadcasts mop with features, what she did in the movie was tell her experience.


A simple story framework was displayed in the movie: Share-tell-listen.


Jennifer shared her experience and told everyone about the product. Then, she listened to what the audience said speaking less when they talked.

Often we frame it like this, Go tell your experience to the world. They will listen to it.


Nope, they won’t unless you listen too. Most brands build a listening audience, that stops listening when they have a bad product experience.

When both parties are listening the mindset changes to the consumer standing on your side to help when they have a bad product experience

​This is due to Framing Effect


First component of marketing that makes the most difference is Story. But stories are hard to tell and craft for most marketers. Framing comes in more handy to marketers.


As people buy products based on how the selling offer is framed to them. That makes your offer easy to purchase and market.


You could be the most insightful person, but the most famous insightful person will be the one with better framing. Take Gary Vee for example, He is one of the most famous social media marketer today.


Because when he started he framed his information in a positive video style. On other side, everyone was writing blogs like this one. Blogs were more valuable but that personalised video approach framed his information as a better option. Because of that 1:1 eye contact in the video.


That information was perceived as hand-crafted for the end user. The same rule plays here, that lemon hack (information) comes from a more personalised source to make people work even more to prove their trust in the Idea.


And the information about the dish soap was the product features on the label. No Impact!


Framing can make a huge difference in how your content is perceived by others. Have you thought about building your own framing system?