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Social Media Strategy

The format of social media strategy is broken and too stale. The definition of strategy on social media changes with every business need. That is why, even after sharing my knowledge across all social media channels about social media. The best option to elevate your brand is to work 1:1 to build your new strategy.

Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing is a circus. Everyone is chanting the same strategy and they are leaving money on the table by implementing outdated practices. I take what most neglect to find best influencers and create roadmaps for the campaigns that convert. A 1:1:1 Influencer strategy, the third is influencer, I use all aspects of this marketing channel.

Social Media Reporting

I will analyze your social media profiles and campaigns to share a handcrafted report on the state of your social media. This report will help you fix your current mistakes and open you to a new vision for your social media business. Unveiling elements of your current social media progress that do or don’t matter.

Social Media Strategy

I have written content around marketing, social media and business space gathering more than 25 million impressions. My knowledge about marketing and business growth helps me to write blog posts, social media content & email copy. That builds a connection with your audience. My approach is content creation is not about value, but about how you deliver that value with different formats & styles.