Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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June 26, 2023 - 15 min read

Best Social Media Practices in July 2023 (+ Free Strategy)


Hi, I’m a social media strategist who’s sick of  all the social media marketing podcasts, blogs and gurus that sell you the same idea everyday. It’s so sad to see, leading social media marketing podcasts talk about same best social media practices over and over. To explain why I say that, kindly head over to my social media updates weekly blog and come back. 


You will find on average there are more than 30-40 changes about social media platforms every week. And it doesn't make sense to get same bland social media tips in 2023  that won't work. You have to constantly change your social media practices, or what I call start adopting new rituals for your social media growth.   


Who am I tell? This is Jaskaran Saini, Independent social media strategist & consultant for your favourite social media brands.  I have a decade of experience in social media marketing, don't take that for granted. Why Brands & Influencers trust me the most to get best social media insights is due to my weekly coverage of social media news from past 3 years with The Social Juice

Don’t Go for All Platforms at Once 

It always feels like most people do social media marketing on every platform at once. And think it's possible but that’s not true. One of favourite social media myth debunked. Posting everywhere kills your social media presence if you don't have a social media team running different social media platforms.


Every social media platform needs different content format of content and requires time. This social media practice is likely impossible to execute due to time consumption. Asking your social media manager to do all social’s is a dead game. You will do the best for your business when you will focus on one platform. Try to dominate one niche on one platform. 

My best advice to most of my clients is to give a platform solely 90 days and be consistent. You will do better than you have ever done. 

Repurpose Your Content after 90 Days 

You have your content and one social media platform figured out and the next step for you is to start repurposing that 90 pieces on other platforms to get more leads out of your existing content. To repurpose content on other platforms successfully, you need to understand how other platforms work. I have listed how every platform works and what you need to do! 


The platform is aligning towards video content more and more. Last week, Instagram announced complete transition from Video To Reels means only 1 video format exists and it’s reels. 

How To get most out of reel? Reels haven’t received a really great response from

Few niches. But few niches are doing great with reels. Focus more on keeping the reels short and sweet and under the 14s Barrier because that’s the point after which chances of your reels going viral decrease second by second. It’s best to keep reels short and jump on TikTok trends early! 

Carousels: For Businesses, Instagram carousels are great for selling products. Create carousels using storytelling to turn the audience into customers. The Major benefit of carousels is they are great for explore reach and with 90 day consistency. 

Single Images: Single images on Instagram are nearly dead but from last 6 months. I have monitored that their is a rise of hashtags reach on Single images which is a great sign. Apart from that, Making your single Images more visual appealing from graphic design perspective works As graphic design niche is very active on IG still and great design can attract a majority of people. 

Challenge & Strategy: Instagram engagement rates are dropping from last few years and it’s a major issue. You can’t deal with that, but their hasn’t been major issues with stories engagement. And Stories are best for selling, that’s why try to keep your stories valuable and engaging because your story views depend on content interactions. You need to focus on getting more out of current audience than running for new audiences. 

To scaling and growing fast on Instagram, engaging within the community is crucial because of its falling user base. 

State of Instagram is falling User-base and less usage per day from their users due to Tiktok and Bereal. That’s a lesson for businesses on IG to build a community that’s active on IG. To keep the engagement on a level, where IG promotes your content to more people. You have to engage with others. 

After that it’s algorithm’s work to promote it to more people. How’s that done? It’s explained here! 


LinkedIn is no longer about meaningful connections and stuff anymore. It’s more of a professional version of Instagram and Facebook. And it’s on the way to turn into Tiktok. A recent conversation with member of LinkedIn’s creator accelerator program enlightened me to their plan to focus more on Video content. The platform is organising events with video content creators like Nas Daily to teach existing LinkedIn creators about video content. That’s the current state of LinkedIn! 

**What works on LinkedIn?** You need to test out posting times on LinkedIn. The key reason to do that is you have to find when your followers with a huge list of connections are active because then algorithm will push your content further to their connections too. Giving you more reach! 

Consistent posting, LinkedIn doesn’t require everyday consistency like IG or Tiktok. Posting 3-5 Times a week is great for keeping your account relevant.

Comments are actually great for leveraging your account. LinkedIn is filled with tons of shitposts and your niche probably has it too. I have gone rogue in few times a comment and many times my comment gets more likes than posts because of my honest opinions. Try to consume content and serve your opinion in comments. That works as platform is still a little organic! 

**Challenge and Strategy:** Like Instagram, on LinkedIn carousels perform really well but not from the day one. In the beginning, you will see absolutely worse engagement on your carousels. But be consistent with carousels. 

White space: Have a certain amount of white space in your text posts to make people click “read more” on your text posts. Most creators use three lines in the beginning with white space and lead people to click read more with third line. 

Finding Your fellow Big creator that you can network with and tag in posts and get more eye balls on your content. Most new creators try to tag big creators and try to milk  or steal their followers. It works too, but they will only reply if you added a conversation friendly mention in the post. 

**Don’t do this on LinkedIn:** Never include links in your post, always mention links in your first comment to keep your engagement up for the post. Second, don’t post video content in Tiktok or Instagram reels layout. Try to utilise them gor 1080x1080 layout which is more consumable on LinkedIn. 


I had an opportunity to talk to Pinterest employee about their plans for Pinterest. They are pretty much focused on Idea pins and this was before Pinterest announced Idea Pins Ads two weeks ago. With this new Ad format launches, you need to adapt to Idea Pins as much as you can! 

What Works on Pinterest? Pinterest is pretty niched and it might not work for your business due to your niche. But the platform is known for most buying-oriented audience which is great for E-commerce and SMBs. 

  1. Reaching out to existing boards by Pinterest creators that show up on Google Searches. Your first step needs to be create your Pins in a design that’s friendly in your niche and after you have few pins published. Reach out to creators that run major boards in your niche. Well established boards show up higher on Google and that’s why it’s a focus point. But most of the time, it will be harder to connect with those creators. Try to connect with them on IG or other platforms. 
  2. Pinterest Ads aren’t worth it and it’s majorly used by Big businesses for brand awareness. 

**Strategy**: Focus on Idea Pins, they are highly organic and require less time to consume and create too. That’s why try to repurpose your Instagram or Tiktok content on Pinterest. This platform can’t be your key focus for your business because of the hard conversion rates and history of followers on Pinterest being invaluable. 

That’s why you should focus on content repurposing and never forget Adding Optimised CTAs to your Idea pins or regular pins too. 

Why? CTAs and Idea Pins, Pinterest doesn’t push blog links as much as it did because they have realised that users tend to spend less time on Pinterest due to blog links. That’s the key reason regular video pins were turned into idea pins that doesn’t support links. 


Twitter is filled with rants and platform riders that think the platform is best for growing business on but it actually lacks a lot of niches that fail on platform. Most e-Commerce platform fail at twitter because they treat twitter like announcement tab and just announce products and think that will bring in engagement and that’s why they fail! 

What Works on Twitter? 

Single-line Tweets with relatable stands out on Twitter. Most businesses need to treat twitter as a brand awareness tool in the beginning to build the community. Why? Because with content focused on selling you can’t leverage your account. To get people, talking post relevant tweets to your target audience. It could be memes, hot takes or retweets from best creators in your niche. Anything will work, if it’s relatable to your audience. 

Replies, Twitter is the only place where your target customers expect replies from you due to its conversation friendly UI/UX. That’s why you need to be active in replies within your account and niche. 

Threads, They are great for engagement but don’t work for every niche because some niches on twitter don’t like to consume long form content. With Storytelling in threads, you can build the audience loyalty. 

If your business lies in entrepreneurship, marketing or business category, educating your audience through marketing or business threads will also build a following for you. 

**Like LinkedIn, On Twitter you can’t add link to your first tweet because your engagement might drop on that tweet.**


Reddit is different from other platforms, in simple words on other platforms you build a following around your content style. On Reddit, it’s a pre-built audience and your content may not always suit them. 

Accept failures, don’t try to promote your business without context. Without clear context about what you are linking in your post will not generate sign-ups. You Amy have posted a great post with 500+ upvotes but it won’t generate many sign-ups if you failed to link the product with your content correctly. 

A major factor you need to focus on is Timing and headings. Test different timings and headings to get the best reach. Most of the time, Reddit communities start being more active from 3.00 PM European central time. 

Try to write Reddit posts short and easy to consume. You don’t have to convince a user on every single point. One relatable point can cause an upvote. It requires great write-up sometimes you achieve it and many times you don’t. But try to keep your points more convincing! 


I would be eventually lying if I said Tiktok is hard to crack. It isn’t but here’s what you need to doing on TikTok. 

  1. Be more consistent on TikTok, the platform requires high consistency and the biggest factor is regular posts on Tiktok tend to reach less follower base than IG. If you have 10k followers on IG, you will reach more followers on regular bases with reels but will have less viral reach. On Tiktok, regular posts with 10k followers can have less engagement while few posts can reach massive audiences even millions of views. That’s why more consistency to grow on Tiktok is essential and beneficial too. 
  2. Always link your next piece of content in your current post. Leave ideas and hints for your next post to make people leave you a follow. 
  3. Focus on highlighting keywords in your Video thumbnail because when a search query related to that term is made. The chances of your video showing up increases. 
  4. Focus on CTAs and Hooks to make people watch the full video. 

**Strategy:** Launch a content series that represents your account, This works and makes people check other parts from the series. Literally exposing your whole profile to the viewer, making it easier for them to leave a follow. 


Apart from Ads part, Facebook is ruined and only two things you need to focus on is Facebook reels and groups. 

  1. Try to repurpose your Instagram reels or TikTok’s on Facebook and not from Instagram quick-sharing option. Share the videos manually from Facebook’s post creation tab for better reach. 
  2. Try to utilise Facebook groups, be active in groups that lie in your niche and try to extract as much as low customers through content sharing within those groups. Also, building your Facebook group is beneficial for audience building. 

Advertising State: 

I won’t go all in on Advertising because that’s a part that needs to be discussed for every platform individually but Facebook currently is used as an advertising platform more than any other social media expect TikTok. 

That’s why I would like talk about two things only, With new iOS changes you need to track your Ads better because the privacy data issues are causing lack of data for advertisers to keep track of their target audience. I prefer using 3rd party data tracking to get the most out of Ads nowadays. 

Creatives in Ads are more important than ever. Like TikTok is filled with UGC Ads. It’s not a bad thing to have UGC Ads on Facebook. These creatives perform well and trusted by users. 

Most of Facebook Ads work is done on the backend by AI (in clear words FB controls 90% of your Ads), but you need to set better objectives to reach more audiences and get better results. 

Facebook Ads don’t work for many people because of their irregular Ad scheduling too. You need to create a loop of Ads retargeting your target audience to close the most amount of customers. A recent Harvard study shows it takes more than 4 impressions from a brand to make people buy the product. That’s why Facebook Ad retargeting is important! 

Conduct  a market research because your user can be on Snap, YouTube and Other platforms too! 

Most people go for these major platforms when thinking of marketing their products but Your target audience can be sitting on some other platforms too. That’s why always conduct a market research before focusing on one social media platform. It can a paid survey done through an agency or even a Google’s Ad Campaign. 

What Helps in Social Media Marketing not directly but indirectly? 

Building Audience personas and then creating content. This helps in reach you target audience on a better level. 

Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter goes through more than 10 Updates per month! 

These platforms evolve on daily basis, but the algorithms have the same purpose to serve relevant content to the customers and generate revenue through selling that attention created by content. 

What does the evolvement and the new feature launched mean to you? They mean a better chance to interact more with your audience. That’s why adapt those changes and new features on daily basis! 


I hope this post helped you to understand social media better. AMA about social media in the comments and you can subscribe to my newsletter where I break down social media strategies of brands  every week and track social media updates!