Most Valuable Marketing Resources Launched in - Q1 2023 

Hi, My job is to curate best marketing resources and reports every week to help marketers. Here’s what I have found that might be helpful for you to get better at marketing.

1. TikTok & Twitter’s Content Calendars To Help you with Content Scheduling in 2023 

Both of these platforms launched content calendars to help social media managers & marketers with scheduling the content more easily for upcoming events. And also highlighted the best practices for campaigns during these events. It’s a free resource to help you make your job easier.

Here's TikTok's calendar and Twitter's  calendar. I hope it helps in content creation!

2. Facebook’s Widely Viewed Content Report for Q4 2022 

The platform published its quarterly report on what type of content gets seen on Facebook. This report is valuable to understand how Facebook is moving in terms of promoting content & moderating what doesn’t deserve to be seen on platform. 

3. Twenty-Three’s The state of Webinar Report 

This report helps you understand how advertising budgets regarding webinars are changing, how B2B is using webinars to increase customer engagement & trust. The platform “Twenty-Three” recently published their new edition of this report. It’s a must read. 

4. Adobe’s report on how retail market is changing & how consumers are interacting. 

This report talks about how inflation is affecting consumers & how they reacted during holiday season. This report is an index on how pricing changed during the shopping season to impact consumers. This is a great read for retail marketers. 

5. A Free Report on State of Marketing In 2023 

This report requires no-sign up and talks about different marketing channels from email to influencer marketing. This is a great read for marketers who look for data backed insights only, no BS. It’s also updated quarterly to help marketers find more relevant data. 

6. A Guide on What to do when someone steals your Blog Content 

The chances of your content getting stolen are increasing, especially with Generative AI. Content stealers can give your content to ChatGPT to revamp & post on their blog. This is a guide on how to send a DMCA notice in case someone stole your content. 

7. Tiktok Added 1,000+ New Insights to it’s free Tiktok Insights Dashboard

In case you didn’t knew, Tiktok have an Insights platform for advertisers where you can find insights & data on how other advertisers run their campaigns on Tiktok & what results they are getting from Ads. Recently they added 1,000+ insights to the platform. It’s a bookmark worthy resource! 

8. McKinsey’s report on how Personalization will impact Marketing in 2023 

This is my favourite out of all these resources, personalization is a growing trend in marketing. And McKinsey published one of the best & most insightful report on how to use personalization to make consumers buy more easily. This report will help you out throughout the whole year. 

9. Hivestack’s Free Library filled with Advertising Terms & Acronyms. 

This is a free library to help newbies in advertising & marketing understand the use of different terms, abbreviations & acronyms in the industry. And what they tell about a campaign. It’s another bookmark worthy resource for new marketers. 

10. Litmus’s New Report on Email Marketing 

This Report talks about email engagement trends that took place in 2022 & what we can predict regarding 2023 email trends. It’s a must read report to find best email sending times, how Apple Mailing system impacted marketers & much more details. This report is a great resource for email marketers. 

11. Google’s Updated Guide on Link Building 

In February, Google updated their guide on link building to provide marketers & SEOs better insights on how to use link building practices to rank better on Google Search. If you haven’t read the guide. You should check it out. 

12. Galactic Fed’s Report on Digital Marketing Trends 2023 

The Report talks about what you can expect from marketing in 2023. These type of reports are launched by every single marketing company but they have some data bites to help you reach more consumers this year + I have the report attached with no-sign up required to make sure you read only value. 

13. Facebook’s Report Culture Trends Report 2023 

This report launched last week (march) with this 50+ pages long report you can read about different cultures on social media and how brands are adopting those cultures to make sure the brand messaging resonates with their target audience. With that factor, this report is a nice read! 

14. Google’s Marketing playbook on First party data

The usage of first party data will increase this year and this new playbook by google can help marketers understand first-party data more easily & how they use it to understand their consumers & website visitors. It’s another bookmark worthy report to help you with marketing. 

15. A Report on How decision-making in B2B is impacting marketing 

This report surveying 1,100+ business leaders helps you to understand how B2B industries are making decisions that impact marketing. And also you can find insights on how marketers can use these learnings to do better at B2B marketing. 

Thanks for reading and it takes time to curate these resources, I Will appreciate you subscribing below to receive marketing resources once a week with news regarding marketing.

The Marketing Genius of Rihanna At Super Bowl

This is what I’m hearing about Rihanna not getting paid and sneaking a product placement during her super bowl performance. 

A lot of marketers on twitter, IG & Tiktok are coining it as Rihanna will benefit a lot from this marketing move. Marketers with real experience know that this won’t benefit Rihanna as much as Tiktok marketers are estimating. 

But I believe this is a great time to explain how Buyer psychology works. 

Not a single potential buyer of yours is just going on google or social media and buying from the first brand they see. 

In my open-report earlier this year, where I found out that: 

95% of potential buyers aren’t actively looking to purchase. They need to be informed about their needs.

That’s why your brand needs to create enough awareness around your business to make a potential customer consider buying from you. 

Brand awareness can be generated through content, Influencers, events and many other channels. 

And that’s the first reason why Rihanna’s sales might go up. As the people were already aware about her products from different channels, they were in their journey to buy her products. 

Another awareness generating event made the potential buyer reach the decision of making a purchase. 

Like I mentioned that, they needed to be reminded of their need. How gorgeous was she looking during the event? 

That look boosted the desire of her average buyer to buy more products from fenty beauty to look that good. 

Power of Influencers

Another research finds that 32% of consumers trust celebrity backed brands more. But now celebrities roles are also being replaced by Influencers. 

And now Adobe’s Creator report shows only 14% of creators are influencers. So, you need to choose influencers instead of creators & celebrities 

Now Rihanna’s music gives a brand messaging of strong women and that’s another factor influencing the decisions of buyers. 

When working with creators or Influencers, you need to study their content first to understand the messaging because number of followers won’t help you get more sales. 

Just like 100M viewers won’t buy Rihanna’s Product, buyers will be the ones connecting with brand messaging. 

Less focus on numbers, more on messaging. 

Product Photography

Fenty did well at nailing the product imagery & visual content before the super bowl to make the feels of their product more relatable. 

Why this worked is also backed by data, As 89% of consumers agree that product imagery is important. 

I don’t need to tell more about this because image is art that speaks thousand words. And if you can nail your Ad creatives to make users connect. The conversions will eventually come. 

But you also have to nail the messaging & awareness as I mentioned. 

The End move

I don’t know this was intentional but she did many interviews where she kinda gave the impression that musical guests will be joining. 

But in the end, she decided to stand alone & announced pregnancy too. Making sure the camera captures her using fenty beauty & looking good. 

She didn’t do that alone, there is marketing team behind her that understands marketing. Fenty Beauty’s marketing team is doing well at email marketing too. 

You shouldn’t just talk about her super bowl genius, try to study her brand well enough. It doesn’t end at sneaking your product in super bowl performance. 

This was my analysis of how marketers & businesses copy what Rihanna did at super bowl but in the correct way. Study Fenty Beauty’s marketing or may be spy on it to learn more.

Best Marketing Courses, & Certifications, According to Reddit for New Marketers

I scrapped this list of recommendations from different reddit post. This took a while to curate because there were a lot of people defending some courses as the best & few saying they don’t hold any value.

1. Hubspot Inbound Certification

Recommended by u/analyze on reddit, This course is an introduction to Inbound Marketing and will help you understand how to build buyer personas. You will learn how to craft your business goals with the right KPIs. Additionally, this course will make starting with content marketing easier!"

2. OMCA Digital Marketing Certification

recommended by u/intjonsteroids, This course is more in-depth and highly recommended as the certification you will receive holds more value than Hubspot Inbound Certificates. It covers more aspects of marketing and provides more than just certification and knowledge. Additionally, there are other benefits you can gain from passing the exams with this course. This is why this course is considered to be very good

3. Marketing Plan Formula

recommended by u/frontdoormedia, This course is for amateur marketers who already have some knowledge of marketing and want to advance to higher roles. The course focuses on helping participants improve their marketing skills and qualify for CMO positions.

4. mMBA by Mark ritson

There were a lot of redditors recommending his course. His Blogs are good too. This course, by Mark Ritson, is designed for marketers who want to learn more about marketing in a shorter period of time. It is called the "Mini MBA in Marketing." The course will assist participants in learning the principles of marketing and how to apply them in 2023. Mark Ritson is a highly renowned marketer and has been conducting this course for a long time. In my opinion, it is worth taking.

5. Google Analytics Academy

recommended by u/RawketTK to another user in a thread. To gain a thorough understanding of how Google Analytics works and its most important features, Google's own analytics course is the best option. However, the course has not been updated to teach about Google Analytics 4 and, with Universal Analytics being phased out this year, it is recommended to take the course once updates have been made to include this information.

6. Semrush Academy

recommended by u/Jade_Jaded in a thread about marketing courses in 2023. Semrush is one of the leading SEO marketing tools and they also offer their own courses to help new SEOs improve their search engine marketing skills. Their courses cover basic knowledge of On-page SEO, basics, and other elements to get participants started in this marketing channel.

7. Meta’s Blueprint Course

Recommended by u/LoveFightWrite for Instagram. This course, by Meta, is an introduction to paid marketing on Instagram and Facebook. It is a must-take course for those looking to begin a career in social media marketing. You will learn about managing paid campaigns on Facebook and running ads in different formats. They will also come to understand that Instagram paid marketing is more than simply clicking the "Promote" button

8. Fundamentals of digital marketing

recommended by u/cryptoderelict. This course is part of Google's Digital Garage and helps individuals learn the basics of digital marketing. It is designed for people who are relatively new to marketing and are not familiar with how social media and brands work to market products. Participants will learn more about the basics of marketing. The course holds value because of the Google certificate that is earned, which will make a better impression on recruiters when applying for internships.

9. Story Brand

recommended by u/RedWritingHood76 not basically for course but regarding a resource + they have a good course too. Storybrand is a marketing publication where one can learn more about marketing storytelling and branding, even without taking their courses. However, they do have marketing storytelling courses that will teach more about understanding consumer behavior, the art of storytelling, and market research. This goes beyond what is offered in other courses mentioned.

10. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

recommended by u/ONNEAPP for beginners. Udemy's Digital Marketing course is often praised and criticized by new marketers because it can be too basic or advanced, depending on one's current marketing knowledge. The course covers all aspects of marketing. However, Udemy features a lot of other marketing courses, so if this one is deemed too basic, you can find others on the website. And there are courses with certification & without them.

11. PPC University By Wordstream

recommended by u/alphatrixdigital. This course by Wordstream takes you through the basics of PPC marketing and how to manage your ad placements, spending, and other aspects of PPC marketing. It's one of the first courses to take if you're just starting with PPC marketing. After completing this course, you can also take courses in Google Digital Garage about Google Ads specifically. However, I believe this course is ideal for beginners to start with PPC marketing.

12. Hubspots Email Marketing Course

Recommended by most email marketers on reddit to begin with because email marketing is too niched and there aren’t good ones to recommend. Besides this course, email marketing courses are not highly recommended by marketers. This is because email marketing varies greatly from industry to industry and the basics of an email strategy change depending on different buyer personas and niches. That's why only Hubspot's email course is recommended to take in order to learn the basics. After that, the most valuable lessons come from working in email marketing.

13. Tiktok Ads Academy

It’s not that famous but extremely useful to get into paid Tiktok, recommend by u/lazymentors. The TikTok Ads Academy was released last year and is not widely known, but the course is highly effective in helping with TikTok paid marketing. You will learn about the differences between TikTok ad formats and how they compare to each other. TikTok paid marketing is currently cheaper than other platforms, which is why there is a high demand for TikTok marketers. For these reasons, I recommend taking this course.

State of Marketing Courses in 2023

First, Most Redditors believe that courses don’t make huge impact on hiring and aren’t loopholes to get into marketing. But are always recommended because they are short and you can improve your skills from time to time.

Second, Most Redditors have recommended the same courses over and over:

There are few others but these were mentioned more than 30 times in the comments I scanned through!

Third, Courses by Udemy, coursera and few other publications are valuable but aren’t respected among marketers. There were various comments mentioning that the efforts in few of the courses are low.

Last, For Small Businesses any of these courses can open their eyes to a new way of marketing this business. It’s always better to take these type of courses than getting scammed by online gurus.

Bonus, To educate businesses & marketers about new marketing solutions. All these platforms: Tiktok, Instagram & Pinterest launch new educational resources to learn but they aren’t heavily marketed but I can make your job is easy. You can subscribe here or below to receive those resources for free when they launch!

Writing Effective Pinterest Board Descriptions in 2023

Your Pinterest Board needs to be well-optimized as it can impact your search traffic and help you rank higher on Google.

I've helped clients improve their ranking on Google search using simple hacks and tactics that align with Google's algorithm.

Why Your Pinterest Board Needs a Description

Your Pinterest board is a collection of various types of pins, each with different post descriptions and visual identities.

However, having 100 different captions and descriptions on each pin can confuse the algorithm, making it hard to define the niche of your Pinterest Board and rank it.

This is why writing a board description is crucial for ranking higher on Google Search.

Adding a Pinterest Board Description

Adding a board description is easy. First, open your Pinterest profile and find the board you want to write a description for.

Click on the three dots (•••) and select "edit board." From there, you can add a description and a board cover, which is also important for attracting more people from Google search.

Writing an Optimized Board Description

Your board description should give an overview of your board in the least amount of words possible and entice the average Google user to click on your board.

A common mistake is to spam the board with keywords, which can ruin the user experience and prevent the board from ranking on Google.

To avoid this, use the following framework:

1. What - Share what your Pinterest board is about

2. How - Share how the board will help someone with a specific topic.

3. Why - Tell why they need to click on your board.

4. You can also mention a year (2023), number (100+ pins), style (Minimal Candles), or a provocative adjective to attract more people to your board and give them a stronger reason to click.

An example of a good board description using this framework is below, from Louise Myers, who has more than 1.3 million monthly visitors.

Louise Myers on Pinterest

An example of a bad board description filled with only keywords and no context about the actual board is image below:

Done for you Divas on Pinterest

Don't try to attract more people by spamming keywords. Instead, focus on writing a board description that will help your potential followers and customers understand the purpose of the board and be more likely to engage with it in the long term.

A tool to help you write better Descriptions

To write better board descriptions, consider using a tool like Copy AI. It saves time and can generate better descriptions for your pins and boards. Simply enter small pieces of text about your pins and board to generate an attractive board description.

Copy AI is also useful for your other social media accounts to help you write your IG captions and tweets faster than others.

Pinterest Description Tactics

These tactics may not be highly effective, but they can help you improve conversions for your business.

First, try to mention your brand name in either the board title or board description to ensure that Pinterest users associate your business with the board.

Second, in some formats, Pinterest doesn't show your description within the app to users. Therefore, make sure you have a clear, keyword-rich title and a relevant board image. While the image is not necessary, it can be helpful.

Third, never use hashtags in your board description. It's not useful as boards on Pinterest and Google are not previewed by hashtag search.

Marketing Resources & Case-Studies Q4 2022

Hi, My Job is to curate best marketing resources every week for Marketers and Entrepreneurs. It’s part of my newsletter “The Social Juice” where I share 5 selected resources for 6,000+ marketers.

Here’s what I have found that might be helpful for you to get better at social media marketing.

1. Instagram Trends 2023 Report on Gen-Z, Content & Social Trends

This report focuses on how businesses can utilise their Instagram accounts to target new Gen-Z audiences and also talks about the upcoming trends in 2023. This is an official report from Instagram, that’s why a must read!

2. TikTok’s Top Ads of 2022 to Learn about Best Ad Creatives

Tiktok recently awarded Top Ads in Europe and you can read the case-study to analyse all of the Ads that won the Awards in different-different countries. You can find the creatives and take inspiration from the winners to create your next Tiktok Ad. A must visit.

3. LinkedIn’s B2B Leadership Impact Report 2022

LinkedIn launched it’s 5th Annual B2B Leadership Impact Report. This report focuses on how B2B influencers and companies can influence customer decisions with leadership and using LinkedIn. You can read all 5 reports about B2B and find economic & marketing related insights useful for B2B.

4. YouTube’s 67-Page Podcasting Guide

This guide focuses on how to market Podcasts, what biggest podcasts in the world share in Episodes. This long report will help you grow your podcast on Youtube & also focuses on growing a podcast overall on any platform with help of targeted strategies. A must read!

5. Snapchat’s New Report on How AR Industry will Scale in Next Few Years

This report by Snapchat focuses on how the role of AR will shift E-commerce marketing in next few years. It’s a must read for someone who want to inform themselves about Storytelling through AR, engaging through AR with Snapchat Audiences. This is a data-powered report about Snap & AR.

6. Double Verify’s Report about 4 Fundamental Shifts In Advertising & Media Report.

This report by Double Verify talks about some of the shifts that are happening in Ad world and also Media. Talking about consumers and how the attention spans and interests are changing constantly. They surveyed users across 18 different countries, a detailed report. Honestly a good read, only exception is they want email.

7. A In-depth Case-Study on Community Building & Growing 1,000 True Fans.

This 10,000+ words long case-study highlights how brands and creators can rely on 1,000 loyal fans to scale their business. From turing your regular followers into true fans. You will learn everything about community building and selling through communities. A must read!

8. Pinterest’s Prediction Report 2023 on Trends that will rise on The platform

This Pinterest report highlights all the trends that might occur next year on the platform. And hos these trends will affect Advertisers and publishers to launch Ad Creatives and grow organically. Again, a must read if you are going to utilise Pinterest next year or you already do.

9. Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2023

The annual social media trends 2023 report by one of the most-used social media management platform is here. Hootsuite’s Marketing Reports are great to get an overview to know what might happen next year for social media managers. Not a heavily detailed report but you can saw it’s worth a short read for new marketers and businesses.

10. Microsoft Ads Top 3 Predictions for New Year Holiday Shopping

The Advertising platform shared 3 major trends that might lead the wave during January and New Year holidays. Backed by Microsoft Ad Data. A great read for retail marketers working in Fashion, Fitness, Food and Nutrition Industries.

11. A Report on Tiktok Publishers & Media Trends

This free report by Reuter talks about how Tiktok is becoming the center of News & Media. And how major trends take place on platform everyday. For Marketers, this report represents data that helps you understand how Trends & Media works on Tiktok. A long and educative read!

12. Facebook’s Consumer Touchpoint Report For Advertisers

This report by Meta platform “Facebook” is about 5 touch points brand needs to know about consuners to make them buy. This report also mentions a great formula to achieve all 5 touch points through Marketing & Advertising. Another Great Newly launched Report!

13. A Marketing Report Focused on First-Party Data & Marketing Trends In 2023

This free report by acquia talks about the approaches Online businesses are taking toward utilising first-party data. Other than that mentions how marketing organisations are working since new privacy concerns have made everything harder. A great read for next-gen marketers!

14. Discord’s Emoji Report on How they impact Social Media Users

GIFs and emojis are important part of social media marketing. Utilising Emojis on platforms like IG, Snap & Tiktok in your social content is important and most importantly Brand Emojis can help increase Email Open rates too. You can read this new report by Discord about Emojis to understand how to use them for your business.

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Free Social Media Resources, Reports and Case-Studies You need to get better At Marketing & Social Media -3

Hi, My Job is to curate best marketing resources per week for Marketers and Entrepreneurs. Here’s what I have found that might be helpful for you to get better at social media marketing.

1. Facebook’s New Report on How Marketing is Changing & New Challenges for Marketers!

This report focuses on how new marketing signals and privacy changes are effectively changing advertising and marketing worlds. This is a great read for marketers trying to keep up with privacy changes and launching better Ad campaigns.

2. TikTok’s Transparency Report on Bots, Engagement & Trends on Platform.

This report focuses on highlighting what type of content is banned on platform, how much fake profiles are on Tiktok + How much Fake engagement is occurring on the platform. This is a great report to study the TikTok’s current state and how you can keep up with these errors and have an engaged audience on Tiktok. A must read!

3. Meta’s Creator Economy Report 2023

The platform published a new report on how the creators ecosystem work and how brands are working with creators to launch better campaigns. The report is powered by data collected through reels research and overall meta platform’s database. A read for individual marketers interested In creator / Influencer marketing.

4. TikTok’s New E-commerce + Entertainment Report

This report focuses on elements that help e-commerce owners and DTC marketers understand how the media, creative assests help Ad campaigns do better with next-gen products. This is a great report for marketers working in e-commerce world and also some B2B brands.

5. A Marketing Report on Holiday Shopping Season

This McKinsey report focuses on how actually this year, brands are holding up their brand budgets and consumers are trying to spend their money during the holiday season. The Consumer spending is changing and Ad spend too, A great read for anyone interested in launching an Ad campaign this holiday season.

6. LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report (Updated October 2022)

This report by LinkedIn is one focused on hiring and working sections of Industries like Marketing, Sales and Advertising. A Consistently updated report that focuses on hiring trends and Talent acquisitions alongside informing you about most well-known individuals in your industry. A bookmark worthy report.

7. An Advertising Report on Streaming and Traditional TV Ads vs Mobile Optimized Ads

This report highlights the focus of brands on streaming Ads vs Regular Mobile Ads. Both advertising channels have pretty different results, with one driving more conversions and one longer effect over consumers. Another great report to understand different marketing channels.

8. Snapchat’s AR Report on how it affects Brands and Consumers

AR shopping is making the buying process easier than ever because that’s how as a marketer I am also making purchases. This report highlights what AR shoppers think about brands when using AR and how their shopping experience is influenced by it. A Great report for E-commerce Owners and Marketers!

9. A Report on Gen-Z Consumer Base

This 50-Page report highlights how Gen-Z consumers are taking actions only, their Ad preferences, Creator influences and buying touch points. This is a great study done on Gen-Z consumers useful for marketers.

10. A Reddit Audience Report by Reddit

If you want to run Ads on reddit, then this audience research report is actually really good focusing various niches. But Reddit report needs your email and apparently they will email you once a week to run more Ads but this report is a great read.

11. Instagram’s 3 How-to Guides on Reels Ads, IG Shops & Creator Collabs

These 3 Guides will help you to understand from Instagram’s perspective what type of Ads and steps you should take as a business owner trying to break into IG. These are great read with few insights worth for everyone.

12. TikTok’s new Free Resource: Tiktok Academy

This free resource helps new marketers and business owners who aren’t specialised in social growth but are now put on Tiktok Video projects. This academy is a great opportunity for marketers to learn more about Tiktok from creators and businesses doing good at Tiktok. A must enroll!

13. A Trends Report For Retail / E-commerce Marketer

This report highlights the emerging trends and statistics in the e-commerce and retail community. Alongside that talks about platforms like shopify, Tiktok, Big Commerce and others. How they are influencing the retail industry. A great read for everyone who wants to stay updated about new trends.

14. LinkedIn’s New Guide on How to Create Better B2B Content

This new report by LinkedIn helps you to understand how to create not boring B2B content on LinkedIn. Focusing on B2B conteng funnels and strategies if you are focusing on LinkedIn for your business. This report will help you to understand the platform better.

15. An Advertising Practice’s Guide For Tiktok

The Tiktok launched a new series called “Tiktok Works” covering best Ad practices and tactics to run Ads on the platform. It’s a great guide to provide marketers more insights into the TikTok’s marketing trends and practices.

16. A Free Resource to Receive These Reports Every Week!

Thanks for reading and it takes time to curate these resources, I Will appreciate you subscribing below to receive free marketing resources and News curated for you, once a week.

7 Growth Secrets To Scale Your YouTube Channel

Hey I’m Jaskaran, I have worked with some of the best YouTube Creators and YouTube Analytics companies like VidIQ and agencies to help businesses scale their business.

I will share my whole process from getting on average less than 5k Views on their YouTube videos to landing more than 10k-20k views per day on my clients channels. These YouTube Tips and growth tactics apply to all niches to scale their community and build a YouTube brand.

1. How Algorithm Chooses Content to Show new Audiences

Youtube Algorithm’s most important Job is to pick up a piece of content that appeals to a broad audience and it can keep a large amount of audience hooked for a particular amount of time.

The algorithm is getting 1000s of new content pieces every minute. A lot of people share a false propaganda that algorithm doesn’t push content because they want more people to use Ads. But the reality is you need to understand size of your niche and your content scope in the beginning to a Make sure the Algorithm pushes it to a wider audience from start.

That’s why keep your content Centered toward bigger audience and latest YouTube trends to have better chance of YouTube picking your latest content and recommending it.

2. Segmenting Your Content For 3 Type of Viewers

You need to target different set of keywords with your content to reach three different type of viewerships. You have optimize your videos for YouTube SEO and it’s not just putting keywords in your video Descriptions.

First approach should be targeting questions and keywords searched by most beginners and new audiences to your niche. In practice, Graham Stephan is talking about A strategy on how to grow your stock portfolio during recession. He will segment that part of the video under the big idea of “what to do during recession” which will lead him to a bigger audience asking a simpler question with a strong appeal.

Targeting these Broad Keywords with descriptions and Titles is one of the key thing.

2. Build up another set of keywords to target audience that’s already curious about Your niche. You should align those keywords or segments during the middle of the video because you will start by serving a beginner with your content in starting and if its a curious amateur. You retain him in the middle of your video with questions in talks or trends occurring in the industry.

I always segment the middle part for an amateur audience searching trending queries because they are active in the niche. This helps in attracting audience from YouTube & Google Search as these are latest queries with a growth in search trend. That’s why target amateur keywords in your niche.

3. Targeting Keywords with low-search for better conversions. Small search queries about a topic leads to easier conversions from viewer to subscribers but the content appeal is too small. But building a set of keywords with low search volume is necessary and helps you to build a Product friendly audience. You should target these keywords with your conversations in the end of the video where you give them the most value to stay for more content or buy into your product.

Now, at the end don’t just push these keywords into descriptions or titles. Try to integrate them into your video content as AI is developing and also YouTube extract keywords from Automated Captions.

3. Learn How To Steal Audiences by talking on Better topics

One of the best YouTubers you see currently converting their audiences into their product consumers are the one’s that stole existing audiences of other YouTubers.

• Mr.Beast Saying Logan Paul’s name for more than 1000 times.

• A Video Editor releasing a Video on Sidemen to steal their Best Audience.

• Gaming Creators hoping on new Games to steal the attention of users of that game.

You need to learn how to steal Someone else’s audience. First, find where your content vision aligns with a competitor or a potential big YouTube channel in your niche. Try to add the element of that big YouTube channel into your videos if both of your channels have an aligned content.

When the audiences will see a common point, you will start attracting the other creators audience. It doesn’t have to be creator. A big name in your niche and a piece of content aligned toward the brand and a broad issue works the best to get search queries related to that brand point toward your brand or YouTube Channel.

4. Distribute your Content & have a schedule

You should never make your subscribers feel like you are being irrelevant with your content due to slow posting. That’s why distribute your old content pieces as YouTube Shorts and move your audiences to other platforms to keep them updated about your business.

Breaking down your content into pieces and redirecting the audience from places like Pinterest, IG and Tiktok to YouTube is a must for a long term success as it helps in getting the YouTube community together for better long term growth.

5. Guide Your Audiences to Your Existing Content

Try to always guide your audience to existing content rather than using tactics like “Subscribe for more” and “pushing likes and shares”. Interlink every next video to your videos to keep the maximum retention across all your pieces of content.

Interlinking your YouTube Content building a better personal experience for your viewership should be your best priority.

YouTube Creators like Colin and Samir are always sharing their previous clips in future videos to make the new viewers tune into their best content. You can watch their videos and learn how to replicate that for your YT channel.

6. Writing Better Titles and Crafting Best Thumbnails

Writing better Titles every time boils down to different tactics, according to the subject of your video. But here’s few key elements of writing a great title!

1. Curiosity - Building up a short story in your title to build up the curiosity.

2. Time Frame - Using Time Frames in your Titles help viewers to build assumptions and insights they will have by the end of the video.

3. Authority- Using Authority building Words or names in your Titles will help you to increase the click-through-rate.

4. Desire - Sometimes try to keep it simple and try to fulfil your audience’s desire with a simple title.

5. Negativity/ Positivity - Try to show your video messaging through your Titles like it will help, fix your mistakes, expose your problems. A negative and positive messaging is important.

For Thumbnails, Try to focus on giving more than context, that’s what title does. You should fuel their imagination with your Thumbnail designs. Making them understand the visual elements of the video just by seeing your thumbnail. I am going to do analysis of my favorite Thumbnails, You can subscribe here to read it.

7. Youtube Tips You Should Never Forget

1. Study your Best YouTube Video Insights & Track your video retention rate.

2. Utilise Some of the well know marketing tools like VidIQ, Tubebuddy and do Market research for your niche from time to time.

3. Network within your niche on other platforms, and do content partnerships.

4. Having Subtitles and utilising your subtitles for other languages to reach a higher number of audience is a must.

5. Developing a content schedule that you Keep up with without going irrelevant.

6. Surveying your Audience through Community Posts.

At last, YouTube adds new-to-new features, algorithm changes and launches new resources. You can subscribe below and receive YouTube Growth tips and social media trend alerts!

I Found 15 Free Resources For Entrepreneurs To Help Them with Social Media, SEO and Growth!

Founders Content - A Free Library filled with Growth Stories 

This is a curated library containing marketing, and startup stories of companies like Basecamp, Canva, Product Hunt and much more. You can visit the site for free and find the next best idea to promote your business.  (no-signup) 

The Ultimate Email Marketing Resources 

Are you looking for email marketing solutions? This is a free email marketing database filled with every tool you need to run your next email campaign from Email signature to security and deliverability. (no-signup)

A Free SEO Learning Hub 

This year Wix launched a free SEO learning hub to help you out with your SEO approach. It’s available for everyone and you can access every part of their SEO program from SEO basics to information about link building. (no-signup) 

A Resource to Track Marketing and Advertising Updates 

It’s a free marketing newsletter that sends you alerts about marketing and advertising related updates once a week through email. Also, sends you a recap of every month’s key marketing changes. (sign-up)

Free Database of Marketing  & Business Templates 

A set of 856+ Free marketing, product and consumer templates to help you out with your business. Also, includes amazing templates for freelancers and designers. One template resource you need for your business. (no-signup) 

A Library filled with Social Media Marketing Solutions 

Accessible Social is a Free Marketing Library for businesses looking to grow their business on social media. From learning about basics of social media platforms to understanding advances of other platforms. (no-signup) 

A Free Resources with Web-Designs that are Practical 

This a free web-design inspiration library you need to fuel your next website design. Don’t fall for using “Awwards” website for inspiration. Use practical designs from other brands  with help of this resource. (no-signup) 

A Free Resource to Master YouTube 

It’s a free weekly resource to help you with creating better content and video thumbnails for your YouTube channel. You will learn how to write headings and create thumbnails that make people click. It’s free but sign-up required. 

A Resource to help you get First 100 Users 

Getting First 100 Users for your Startup or your business  is one of the most hard but crucial part. This free resource covers strategies and marketing tactics you can use to achieve those goals. (no-signup) 

Milled - To Find Top Brand’s E-Mail Campaign 

It’s a free library to help you with email marketing design and content process. Find email templates and campaigns from Top Brands like McDonald’s, Sephora and Others. Just search brand name and you will have the access to the email campaign. (no signups)

A Free Marketing & Copywriting Library 

Marketing Examples is one of the well-known free marketing resources. It’s a must visit to read and learn about marketing, social media and copywriting. I was not going to mention it because of the popularity. If you knew about this one, ignore and if you didn’t enjoy it. 

A Free Resource to help you with Finding Design Elements and Tools 

Toools Design is a Free Design Library filled with resources like Icons, illustrations and list of tools you need to get your graphic design for social media or website done. It’s a goldmine resource for new entrepreneurs and marketers. (no-sign up required)

Free SEO Learning Resource By SEO Insider 

Learning SEO is one of the most famous resource as it’s been written by Leading SEO Influencer Aleyda Solis. You will learn from SEO basics to best practices with help of one resource. (no-signup) 

A Collection of Free Design Principles 

Principle Design a Free Resource to learn more about designing better user interfaces and logos for your business. Access 195+ Examples and 1445 principles to learn more about design. (no-signup) 

Pitch Deck Hunt For Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders 

200+ Pitch Deck Examples of E-commerce, B2B and other brands. Learn from how they successfully pitched their businesses and used marketing solutions to grow their business. (no-signup) 

You can subscribe below to receive More Resources and Marketing Insights In Future

Free Social Media Resources, Reports and Case-Studies You need to get better At Marketing & Social Media Growth 

Hi, My Job is to curate best marketing resources per week for Marketers and Entrepreneurs. Here’s what I have found that might be helpful for you to get better at social media marketing. 

1. Facebook’s Widely Viewed Content Report 

Facebook released its second Content report that tells you what type of content is going viral on Facebook and what type of content they are removing from platform. This report tells you state of content on Facebook. A must read for you if you use Facebook for advertising or organic growth of your business. 

2. Instagram Home & Explore Algorithm Engineering 

In August, Facebook Engineering Team explained how they recommend content to users on Home page and Explore. This report opens you to the reality of Instagram algorithm and exposes all those IG gurus charging $$$ to teach you about IG. Once you read this, you will have a clear approach. 

3. Meta’s New Advertiser Success Center 

Facebook launched another great resource for advertisers last month. You can now utilise a new Facebook Advertising Center to help you run successful campaigns. How? From Audience retargeting to strategy building, Facebook curated best tips for you. 

4. Deal with iOS 14.5+ with Help of Tiktok 

Tiktok launched a new report on how businesses and advertisers can deal with iOS14.5+ and get better results. Planning to run Tiktok Ads, This one report is a must read. 

5. Twitter & Pinterest Holiday Marketing Insights 

Ahead of Holiday Marketing Push, Both platforms shared how audiences work during holiday times and how advertisers on both platforms can utilise this data to get better results. A must read if you are into advertising on either of these platforms. 

6. Youtube’s Guide on Using YouTube Shorts 

Last Week, YouTube launched a new report on best practices for YouTube Shorts and answered some questions about the new format that will help you understand how YT shorts are different from Tiktok and how to use them! 

7. LinkedIn’s Post Search Algorithm Revealed 

The engineering team at LinkedIn changed the search algorithm to make sure they show better results to users. They revealed the process of how the algorithm takes a piece of content and ranks for a search term. You can read the report to understand the algorithm. 

8. A Content Marketing Salary Report

I see every single day 3+ new posts in this community asking about how much they make, salary questions. That’s why this strategy is for content marketers in marketing industry looking for salary insights. A must read! 

9. Google shared Examples of Best Meta Descriptions and Practices to Use Them! 

Last week, Google Search Console shared new examples and best practices for meta descriptions to rank better. It’s a great documentation to understand a crucial element of SEO. 

10. Facebook’s Video Distribution Report 

A new report by Facebook showing video content is being distributed on Instagram and YouTube. Focused on points like content repurposing, video length And how to measure the success of your videos. A great read! 

11. Future of Marketing Without Cookies and more transparency 

A report by Reuters highlighting how marketing will change with times when privacy issues will lead to a cookie less future. A great read to understand what’s the future of marketing in next 5 to 10 years. 

12. How Business Messaging is Becoming an Important Aspect of Marketing 

Meta partnered with BCG to present us a report how business messaging is making an impact on audiences with various demographics. How different industries are using business messaging and Better communication strategies to get people to buy more. A must read for growth marketers and CMOs. 

13. Tiktok’s Marketing Report on Gaming Industry 

The platform shared new insights on how gaming industry is growing on the platform and how brands can use the opportunity to market their business to a new audience. 

14. The Social Juice For Free Resources!

Do you want to receive free marketing updates and reports like these every sunday?

If yes, you can subscribe below for free!

7+ Instagram Algorithm Secrets & Tips For You

Growing on Instagram is seems pretty hard in 2022 but I’m going to make it more easy and systematic for you. How?

In this post, I will explain you how Instagram algorithm works and then we will move on to strategies and tactics that you can use to grow on Instagram in 2022.

At the end, you will have a clear plan for taking over Instagram this year. So, let’s start with Understanding how Instagram algorithm works in 2022!

Explaining Instagram Algorithm 2022

Last week, I found a secret community of Instagram employees sharing their
knowledge about Instagram algorithm and much more.And here is what I found
for you?

1. Instagram uses “Read Path Models” to rank content.

Lots of creators are just sharing valuable
content and wondering why they are not
growing but the thing is the algorithm use
"read path models" to filter content for explore page and in this algorithm observe how
similar your content is to the creators that
are already on the explore. And things like
engaging, similar Color scheme and the
heading text helps algorithm understand
your content and rank on explore. So, if you
are out of community and trends, you will
find harder to get your posts to explore station.

2. You Entered Instagram 2.0 after violating guidelines

Instagram algorithm includes various
structures like Iteration speed, value
Modeling and many more. All that focus on
making the Instagram feed worth staying
and after a violation. Instagram starts to
prioritise your content lesser as these
structures don't want bad content on the
feed. And after few weeks or months, if
algorithm tracks that your content is
performing well. Your account will be back
on track you just need to be consistent after

3. Posting more frequently will not help you grow faster

Why? Because when algorithm hashes users
to add to "suggested accounts" and other aspects. The accounts with more posts come up again but the algorithm eliminates them and the account is mentioned once. After that the account is tracked by algorithm and focuses more on things like how many followers are liking the post and how long they are viewing the video content. So, algorithm doesn't care about posting frequency as much as you think. That's why focus on engaging frequency more than posting because that will help you get exposure more easily and algorithm can't stop you + will mark you as an active user in the community.

4. The Weakest Algorithm: Instagram Reels

Even Instagram will not accept this statement
but reels is not just a feature. Reels is like a
different part of the app and it needs a different algorithm. Why? Think of Tiktok, one algorithm running the platform and providing the right content to a targeted audience. Can that algorithm also work for photos? No, the same thing is with reels. The algorithm for reels is in development, duplicated content is going viral, wrong videos are reaching to users. Instagram reels algorithm is not just organic, it's in development. I am also watching reels from creators, I never engaged with and many others too are facing the same issues.

Suggestion for you: If you want to learn more deeply about Instagram Reels algorithm you can read my post on mastering Instagram reels.

I hope now you have a clear understanding of how Instagram algorithm works and validates your content. Now, let’s move to tactics and tips to grow on Instagram!

Growing to 10,000+ Instagram followers in 2022

Reaching first 10,000 followers is a milestone for every Instagram user and here is how you can achieve that level in 5 Steps!

1. Optimise Your Instagram Bio

Most people on Instagram are suggesting to have a long Instagram bio but is that helpful? No, that's what your post are for! You need to keep your bio short and simple to understand for the visitor. LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok on all platforms Creators are keeping it short and simple because you just need to give an amazing first impression to make them move to your posts section or link in bio.

2. Start Actively Engaging and networking with creators

First, start creating posts and introduce yourself to the community of creators in your niche. You can easily find the best creators in
your niche through hashtags, and explore page. Then, you need to network with them and show them why you are creating content
and never make them feel like you are doing it for a purpose because then you will never make them trust you and recommend
you to your audience. I recommend you reading "how to win friends and influence people" to master the art of making people
believe in you or another hack you can use be real with your vision behind connecting because that always seem to work!

[convertkit form=3115248]

3. Post Consistently To keep your engagement Rate Up

You need to Post consistently and try to level up your content by studying the insights and keep engaging with your favourite creators and try to find new creators like you trying to grow on social media. And try to connect
with your newly grown followers because that will help you build a loyal community of followers and then at last post meaningful stories because most creators try to fake Stories or try to make them perfect but it's about making stories worth watching for your followers.

4. Do Collaborations with your Network of Creators

There are 2-3 methods or basically ways to do
collaborations. For Instagram live collaboration, you need to build a great connection with collaborator first and then ask them out to do a live with you on a certain topic. Then, the typical post collab that you can pitch straight away to the
creator if they are open to collabs and if not by building a connection. The third method is long-term collaboration- only a few pages are open to these and they are hard to find. But
after all that finding, pitching, formatting. What's left?

Understanding the new
and old audiences

The new followers gained from the collaboration can build up your account or can destroy your account. Why and how? The
new followers will have a different interest and appeal toward your account and your existing followers will want the same
thing from you. That's why you need to create a balance between the two audiences by asking the new followers what they want and understand how that appeals to your audience.

5. Master Instagram Stories to build a strong community

Understanding story insights is the key to reach more followers through stories. Here is what you don't know 🔽

“Instagram story views increase and decrease based on “navigation” and “interaction”.

What's navigation?

In Instagram story insights, you will see a metric called “navigation” and below that you will see

Back- means the follower swiped back to see your last story or someone else's story they saw before!
Forward- means the follower clicked to see your next story
Next story- the follower moved to see someone else's story
Exited- means the follower left the stories.

Founded: If your story have more forward and next stories. Then Instagram will push your stories to more followers as they want users to watch more stories and stay in stories tab.

Why?: After 2-3 stories they hit users with an ad!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and learned something new about growing on Instagram. To get more Instagram tips you can check my other blogs or visit my Instagram account filled with tips for you!