Future of Social Media In Danger ⚡, 

Here’s Why!

Future of Social Media In Danger, Here’s Why!

I’ve been telling creators and businesses to build an exit plan before it’s too late. The way social media algorithms are evolving. There will be only a content engine.

No Influencer, No Creator, No Social Media business. What we would have left is an AI-controlled content engine.

That engine never gives a creator or business enough time to build that connection. Or brand messaging. We all are going to be affected by this. Me too.

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June 13, 2023 - 22 min read

Starting a Instagram Blog in 2023 (Practical Guide)


Blogging on Instagram is profitable and this is the reason many start Blogging on Instagram. But Instagram Blogging is very much scattered throughout the platform. It isn’t all about doing micro-blogging through Posts. You have to learn more than that to build a successful IG blog. 


Do you know? Influential Bloggers are always in high demand as Businesses keep looking for them. You don’t need thousands of followers to work with brands as an Instagram blogger. Because recent research from Harvard Business Review shows that Micro-influencers & bloggers are better for brands & community building. 



Why People Start Blog on Instagram?



People start a blog on Instagram to share their stories, life, or knowledge. A person who just wants to share their story or life starts a personal Blog, whereas a person who shares knowledge on topics like fashion or Photography has Professional Blog.



There are also some people who start a blog to make money by making people buy their products or visit their website. So, Blogging on Instagram is done by the majority of users and most have a personal blog as they want to build their personal brand.



The ones that build a following in long-term are the natural ones built on their own ideas of showcasing X topic. Many try faking their blogging life and then quit. Due to burnout, which is why always build a blog about something you like or want to do. 



Is there any Successful Bloggers on Instagram?



@therenovatedhomeofchaos, She is a mom blogger with 19,000+ Followers and shares her mom's life on Instagram with long captions. She is a perfect example that you can grow a personal blog in 2023. Without trying to go viral. 



On the Other hand as a Fashion Blogger, @ultrasophisticate shares her daily fashion looks to her Account. She gets more brand collaboration due to her fashion looks connected to her personality. She found the common point that connects her and her audience. 



How to be Successful like these bloggers on Instagram?



I worked with 30+ Influencers this year trying to help them scale their Instagram following. Many say Organic reach on Instagram is dead. It isn’t your Instagram blogging topic still has thousands of users, You need right tactics to find them. 



1. Choose your Blog Topic


Before you start posting, choose a topic which you love and can make posts about it for the whole year without losing Consistency. Most people make this mistake they choose the topic that they don't love and quit too soon.



Bonus:-If you have a personal Blog then write down ideas on what to post or Check 98+ social media post ideas here.



You have to choose wisely as some topics like fashion have huge Competition. So, go deep and research if you want to start a professional blog to make money. But if you just want to share knowledge choose that topic and jump to the next step.



A bigger topic requires time to build authority on but with patience you can achieve that. Try to track the growth of your blogging topic using Google or Pinterest Trends. Not completely relevant to Instagram Blogs, but you will get a great estimate about state of that topic on IG. 



2. Optimize Your Bio



I have found a great hack that I used on my client's account and she has 37,000+ Followers. If you don't optimize your Bio, then you are losing Followers and money. Let me tell you how to optimize your Instagram Bio to get more out of it :



  • Go To Edit your Profile and Select Name section.
  • Add your Blog Topic at the end of your name. This will make people see your account when they search for a topic.
  • Then, Add what you do in the first two lines of your bio.
  • In the Third line, how you can help them if they follow you.
  • Add Call-to-action in the fourth line if you have any website link.


These steps will help your followers understand you just by seeing your profile and the blog topic in your name help you get some new followers.


Update: As Instagram verification badges allow you to only have your name in that “name” section. If you are applying for verification badge, you will need to remove that blog topic from name in 2023. 

But Instagram introduced more features like profile discovery through profile category. On your creators or business account, always the right category chosen to show up on relevant places. 



3. Use Targeted Hashtags


There are Hashtags that are specially made for bloggers like travel bloggers use #travelbloggers and fashion bloggers use #fashionblog. Similarly, you can find Targeted Hashtags for your blog and rank on Hashtags to explode your reach.

  • All-hashtags
  • Gravtag


These two tools can help you get Hashtags related to your topic and you can use those to rank on Hashtags. There are many types of Hashtags based on location, topic, and brand. You have to use these types to get the best deal.



Remember: Never use 30 out of 30 Hashtags and don't use banned Hashtags. Try to use hashtags that are relevant to what you are writing on your blog, the number of posts on that hashtags don’t matter. 


Because when you are writing about X unique topic and using X unique hashtag. You will reach the X audience interested in you. Even though that unique audience has less posts up, your audience is there. 

On other hand writing about X Instagram blog topic and using Y hashtag will leave you with meaningless engagement. 


4. Build Connections with other Bloggers



At this stage, when without money Growing a Instagram blog is a little difficult. One of the only solutions is Building Connections with other Bloggers as they will engage with your posts on daily basis.



I have seen bloggers who build connections with others, have 60% more comments as compared to bloggers with no Connections. Also, bloggers with no Connections suffer when they stop posting for a long time and their accounts become dead due to low engagement.



That's why building a community helps your account to survive when you don't upload posts for a long time. Also, when you are active your blog will grow faster than others.


5. Collaborate with Brands



Small Businesses keep looking for support from users and if you collaborate with them when they need support. This is because you will have benefits if they Achieve Success.





As you supported them when they were small and also if they pay you money for collaborations you can use that to promote your blog through Instagram Ads.  The plan is simple to grow your account with Strategies that are in the next step and grow to a level. On that level, brands pay you and Invest them in Ads to grow 


6. Use Growth Strategies

Various famous Strategies are Known for growing Instagram account. Some of these are created by users like Gray Vee who have 8 million+ Followers and you can assume how effective these Strategies will be by just assuming.


1. $1.80 Strategy (by Gary Vee)


This Strategy focuses on catching the eyes of people who have a huge number of Followers and make them pin your comment. As all of his followers will see that and check your Profile.



  • Go to Relevant Hashtag and Check Top Section.
  • Like and Comment on First 25 Posts.
  • Remember comment Should be of more than 3 lines with attractive value.
  • Repeat this with other Hashtags and keep creating Valuable Content. You will start seeing Results.

2. 10×3 Strategy

This Strategy is best for community building, ranking on Hashtags and Explore Page. It's a updated version of 10×2 Strategy, let's see what's up:-



  • Follow 10 Big Bloggers in Your Niche.
  • Choose 10 Popular Hashtags related to your blog and use the $1.80 Strategy.
  • Now, follow 10 fast-growing profiles that post Content like yours.
  • Turn on Post Notification of All accounts and be first to like on their posts.
  • Engaging will result in new profiles follow your account.

3. Get More Strategies here!



I have launched my Instagram Growth book you can read it and easily use the strategies mentioned Inside. It is free, I don’t like to charge for helpful knowledge, You can find many strategies to grow your Instagram Blog.



7. Write Long Captions

This is a blog if I write just 20-50 words in my posts, maybe no one will ever read it. This is because blogging is all about giving values and telling personal Experiences.



People like to read Long captions with value as Captions have about 300-400 words limit. So, remember to put your value bombs in those limits. You can use Apps like  Flocked to add Spaces in Captions or read Instagram Spaces for more.



Remember: Understand your Audience to write better and another tip for you is that add hashtags to your Comments section to make people easy to read captions.



The trend was started during the black lives matter protest. When Influencers started telling their opinion in their captions and now brands have also realized the use of captions. So, This can help you make a deep connection with your audience.



8. Use Micro-influencers To Grow

Challenge me to Grow a blog on Instagram in 2021, Then First thing I will do is Use Micro-influencers.






Micro-influencers have a loyal audience and are more Effective than Instagram Ads. After doing all the above steps, I will use Influencers to reach about 1,000-5,000 Followers. Those followers will be loyal to you as they were to Influencers, just put some value in Posts.



Various agencies can Find you those Influencers but RAD AI is the best you can use to find low-cost Influencers with Good Results.



Reasons: They are Cost Effective, gives more engagement rate, and best for long term effect on your brand value.


9. Add Location To Your Posts


You can get new people seeing your Post as you add Location. If you check your Instagram Insights of posts, on every post Geo-tag helps you get more local people to see your Post.



As a blogger, I use different locations on every post to reach new people around the world and make them follow. If you have a local business, adding Location can help you reach your potential customers.


Just Like that Using Different Locations helps me distributing my knowledge about Instagram to people around the world. In both cases, using Instagram Geotag is really helpful for Growth.


10. Post More Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories have the power to give Algorithm signals that you are on Instagram every day and keeping your followers engaged. Then, Instagram will self promote you by Ranking your stories on Hashtags and Locations you will tag in Stories.






This is because Instagram wants people to stay on the platform and they see their ads to make money. I am posting 2-3+ stories every day with adding 5-10 Hashtags because they help me reach new people and get 2x Views.



Bonus: Add Location & Hashtags to your Stories but hide them in your stories by just minimizing them. People don't like to see hashtags in stories it gives them a Bad User Experience.


11. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are my personal favorite way to grow Instagram followers.

Let me give you an example, @createimprovement is a live example that how reels can make your Instagram account blow up overnight.


This account went from 0 to 7,000+ followers in 7 days by posting reels only.


How to Go Viral on Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are 99% similar to TikTok. So, I experimented to test the algorithm of Instagram reels and I found out that these four factors make Instagram reels go viral.


1. Use Famous Tiktok songs in the background.
2. Make hype during the first 2-5 seconds of reels.
3. Record Video in Tiktok and use the text style available in Tiktok.
4. Use transitions in Videos.


The reasons for using Instagram reels are many like they easily rank on hashtags and are always available on the explore page. Also, Instagram reels have Long lifetime than ordinary Instagram posts. My advice for you is that if you are not using Instagram reels then you are just ignoring the fastest way to grow in 2021.


12. Distribute Content to Other Platforms


This is the best way to not only grow followers but get more fans. See, when people come from other platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Pinterest, and follow you. They actually like your content on that platform and want to see more of you. They are your genuine fans and help in growing fast as they engage with your every post and help in reaching more people.


Here is an example, @jarediswest is a YouTuber with 100k+ subscribers and even he has just 4,734 followers but has 1,000+ likes on his post.



Also, Tiktokers like Charli d’amelio have 30+ Million followers on Instagram which shows that distributing your content on other platforms helps you gain real fans more than just a follower. you just need 500-1,000 loyal fans who will engage daily and help you grow faster by engaging. So, remember you have to be on every platform to survive in 2023.



How To Monetize Instagram Blog?


I think Making Money on Instagram is too easy for Bloggers these days. If we go a few years back then I think making a dollar from Instagram was hard. But now people are living through Making Money on Instagram.




There are ways like Amazon Affiliate Marketing through which you can promote any product without Asking Brand and still get paid. I have talked about just one here, look below for More!



1. Do Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money on Instagram and the majority of people do it and the numbers are increasing every day.


There are websites like Amazon Associates, Clickbank, and DigiStore-24, where you can find Products to promote on Instagram Blog. After that, if someone buys that product you will get paid Instantly and easily withdraw that money.


Remember: Choose a Product that you will yourself buy if someone asked you to buy it and then promote it to your audience.


2. Sell Coaching calls



Instagram Coaches make $100-200+ per hour for teaching others. If you have successfully achieved the target of 10,000+ Followers, you can teach somebody how to achieve that goal in 2021.



But it varies from Niche to Much as Blogs on Finance, Fashion, Real Estate, and Life make more money than others. You can check Big Blogs in your Niche if people are interested in coaching and then try to make money this way.


3. Sponsored Posts


Brands want genuine Bloggers to promote their Business on Instagram. All Bloggers are paid, according to their amount of followers and engagement rate. Bloggers with 10,000-100,000 followers charge $100-$1,000+ per post to brands for a post. You can check, Influencer Marketing hub to check how much money your account can make on Instagram.


Here is what you can do for getting More Brands to reach you than Other Bloggers:-


  1. Have an Engaged Audience.
  2. Create Content around Brands you want to Collaborate with in the Future.
  3. Have a Professional Design Feed.
  4. Cold-email Brands about Benefits, they will get after working with you.


4. Sell Your Product or Service


You can create a product or service around your niche that will help your Audience. There are various niches with demand gaps and people want Bloggers to provide them that service. Talking about the benefits of selling products or services on Instagram, in 2020 I made $100 selling my service at just 100 followers as a Blogger.


You can directly sell products or Services through Instagram DMs or Create a Website to sell them, more easily.


Success Stories of Bloggers


Arielle Charnas


She is a fashion blogger on Instagram with whooping 1.3 million followers. She got more famous in 2020 after she got covid-19 and then her behavior reveals by Some People. But, She apologized for that and launched her clothing brand which is now growing every day as her audience on Instagram Grows.

Sophie Cachia


Sophie is a Mom Blogger on Instagram with 200,000+ followers, Famous for his Blog 'The Young Mummy'. She left her Perfect life to explore more and turned into a lesbian. You can read here the full story.


Emily Schuman


She is famous for her Fashion Blog and her shop cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily is pretty viral on Instagram reels and has more than 500,000 followers. You can Check how she spends her day on Instagram and manages her business and account here.



Is Instagram Blogging Dead?


No, there are millions of people doing blogging on Instagram. I know organic growth on Instagram is hard in 2021 but thanks to Instagram reels. As a new blogger for you, Instagram Reels is the best for Starting and Growing Blog on Instagram.


How To Grow 100 Followers a day?

  1. Define your Niche
  2. Post 2-5 Instagram Stories per day.
  3. Use Instagram Growth Strategies.
  4. Collaborate with community People.
  5. Use Influencer Marketing.
  6. Post 1-2 Reels per Day.
  7. Be Consistent.
  8. Create Shareable Content.



How Are Top Fashion Bloggers on Instagram?


There are many top fashion bloggers with millions of followers. Here are the top 65 Fashion Bloggers, according to cosmopolitan you need to follow on Instagram, Click here to read it on their website.


Do Instagram Bloggers Get Paid?

Yes, Instagram Bloggers are making more than ever these days. This is because 2020 lead to Brands focuses more on their social media Presence. A Blogger with 10,000+ followers generally makes $1,000-2,000 on Instagram. But if a blogger can't make money at 1,000 followers then he will be not able to make money on Instagram themselves. 



How To Start a Beauty Blog On Instagram?


  1. Research For Beauty Bloggers.
  2. Make Content like them or Better than Them.
  3. Use Beauty Hashtags
  4. Post Reels on Beauty Tips.
  5. Interact with Other Beauty Bloggers daily.
  6. Give Information about Beauty through Captions.

What To post on Instagram Blog: 98+ Instagram Blogging Ideas


There can be situations when you are stuck with ideas on what to post on Instagram Blog. I have earlier created a post on Social Media Post Ideas, you can check it here.


Any Successful Bloggers on Instagram in 2023?


There are many successful Bloggers like Emily Schuman on Instagram is pretty famous with 500,000+ followers. She is also the founder of Cupcakes and cashmere. There are many other bloggers like her, For Example- Arielle charnas, Sophie Cachia, Rachel Parcell, inthefrow, etc.


Which are The Best Tools For Bloggers?


  1. Hootsuite or Tassi for content scheduling and management.
  2. Canva for Content Creation and editing reels.
  3. All-hashtags for Best Hashtags for your blog.
  4. Inshot for Video Editing.

Which Are Best Instagram Blog Niches?

There many Instagram Niches that are popular and know for people who make living from making content in them. For Example-

  1. Travel
  2. Fashion
  3. Mom
  4. Food
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Money
  7. Real Estate
  8. Motivation
  9. Photography




I think this all information will be enough for you to learn how to Start an Instagram Blog and Grow 100 Followers a day. Many Instagram Bloggers are living their dream life through blogging. I am on my way to be one of them. To know how I will do that, just stay tuned to my Blog